Build Mat

Treat yourself

With Vaporesso’s Building Mat be sure to safeguard any delicate surface on which to make your builds or simply safely drop your tools and gear with no risk of damaging THEM! Go ahead and Build your mats off!
building_mat_1.jpg building_mat_2.jpg building_mat_3.jpg building_mat_4.jpg building_mat_5.jpg



Building mats at a glance:

  • delicate_surfaces-01.png

    Safeguard delicate surfaces

  • damaging-01.png

    Place your devices and gears without damaging them

  • reduced_friction-01.png

    Make your builds comfortably thanks to the reduced friction of the surface

  • multi_use_tool-01.png

    Multi-use tool may be used for placing any third thing (Laptop, Keyboard, your juice collection, etc…)

  • size.png

    Comes in 2 sizes option: 60x35x5mm / 35x30x4mm