Many experts dubbed 2016 the 'year of the health product'. It got that moniker due to a shift in public awareness when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Health and fitness products like Fitbits and groceries such as almond milk and avacados saw a boom in places like the UK and US, denoting a general trend toward healthy living. In the same year, sales of vape kits and e-cigarettes rose 30% to £81m. It's safe to say that vaping is a booming industry and lots of people are getting on board, but it's curious that while sales are booming during these 'health conscious' times, places like New York state are laying out public bans. Why? Can vaping really be part of an internation health kick, or do we simply have our heads in the clouds? 


Vaping is perhaps more popular in the UK than anywhere else at the moment, with over 3 million active vapers. When you consider the research published by Public Health England which claims vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, it's little surprise that vaping is skyrocketing in Britain. NHS Scotland even went as far as to officially recommend e-cigarettes to those trying to quit smoking tobacco laced cigarettes. So why this sudden move to launch a new inquiry into the safety of vaping? Is it necessary and will it make a difference? 


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Thanks to the hard work of many public health activitists, most Americans are now aware that smoking cigarettes is bad for them. Despite that, over half a million Americans still die each year from smoking related illnesses, so there's clearly more work to be done. Smoking has decreased in popularity sharply throughout the past decade, in no small part to the introduction of newer, tobacco-free devices we call vape kits or e-cigarettes. So why have New York state now banned them from being them being used in indoor public spaces? Will it actually improve public health?

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Topics: Vaping Vs Smoking, Vaping Ban

A majority of people nowadays is heavily addicted to cigarettes and their goal is to quit. Every generation has an invention which defines it. The internet was one, and then came cell phones. Electronic cigarettes are another one of those inventions that is popular right now, but it has also ignited a firestorm of debate and controversy. There is a specific purpose of electronic cigarettes, which is to provide an alternate to the stench spreading, burning and ash produced by normal cigarettes.


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How is Vaping Accepted in Today’s Society?

By TheVape.Guide 2 Jun 2017

TT: The Acceptance of Vaping in our society

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3 Key Vape Industry Trends in 2016

By Eve Wang 19 Oct 2016

This year has been a challenging year for the vape industry, almost certainly its most challenging yet. With regulations coming into effect in various parts of the world that could prove to have significant consequences on the growth of the global industry, and a ceaseless war between differing schools of thought over the health implications of vaping, there has been enough controversy in the vape world to shroud the whole thing in smoke.


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In the current vaping times, the digital world seems to be ablaze with campaigns that are driving specific vaping agendas. On the surface, these agendas can be broken down as having simple ‘for’ or ‘against’ motives - but the more one gets into them the more one gets the feeling that these agendas carry larger influence, perhaps aimed at swaying the market in a particular direction.

In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted some telling points on how the war between vaping and big tobacco is playing out right now. In California, there are two opposing campaigns that are working hard at driving their particular agenda to their target audience: and

Here, we’ll take a look at the overarching messages of both - what they’re trying to achieve, how they’re going about it, and how successful they are at it. We’ll also take a look at just what this means for the vaping industry in the US as a whole.


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If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to grow a business in the vape industry, there are a few things you should know about the business that can help better prepare you for the road ahead.

Luckily, the vape market is full of like-minded entrepreneurs who have walked that same road and can provide some valuable insights into this incredibly dynamic and fast-growing industry.

So, with this in mind, here's some advice on how you, the vape entrepreneur, can make your entry into the vape market a smoother ride.


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The State of Vaping at Retail

By Eve Wang 2 Sep 2016

For the last few years, in the surging height of vaping’s flurry into the market, vape shops have enjoyed what could easily be termed ‘golden years’. The industry itself has come into its own in the last decade with multitudes of retailer benefits over the ‘gas station’ tobacco industry - the most profound of which has probably been the comfort of a space for unchallenged innovation in the industry, with independent vape retailers and distributors running the show as a result.


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5 Tips For Vaping To Quit Smoking

By Eve Wang 30 Aug 2016

Are you ready to make the switch from smoking? The vaping industry has sparked a monumental rise in conscious awareness over the health related issues of smoking. All across the world, millions of people are making the switch to vaping for reasons that very actively pertain to the health of their habit.

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