What is Vaporesso’s Story?

Vaporesso was formed as a subsidiary of SMOORE, the earliest and largest manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry, established in 2006. Vaporesso and SMOORE are proud to host one of the strongest R&D teams and some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry. While previously focussed on e-cigarette OEM and ODM, with some of the world’s largest tobacco brands, Vaporesso’s mission is to bring e-cigarettes to a wider audience, to change the nature of how e-cigarettes are perceived and to bring the latest technology to bear on these new products to ultimately improve the lives of all our users.

What was the inspiration behind the Target vape mods?

The target mod can quite simply be recognized as one of the most successful mod designs in the market, it is certainly a shake-up to the standards of the industry. The inspiration came to us through a series of experiments intended to address the user's search for a new level of comfort when vaping; too often does the user feel restricted by the awkward shapes made to accomodate the large batteries and circuits involved. We decided to work our way into the mod without compromises: a Joystick comes to mind, one of the rare cases where technology meets design at a perfect ratio to encourage human engagement and maximize the user's experience.

What’s the structure of the CCELL vape coils?

The heating element is hard ceramic; it has a micro porous structure so the juice works its way in through the pores to the wire. The heating wire is casted inside the ceramic with a sheet of organic cotton to sit between the hard ceramic and hard metal shell, which is used for anti-leakage. The ceramic coil maximizes the efficiency of e-liquid absorption and heating, it produce the same level of vapor at a lower wattage setting compared to most mainstream coils, with extra benefic of no spitting, no dry hit, self cleaning, better flavor and a longer lifecycle.

How does Vaporesso keep up with vapes' "trends"?

At Vaporesso we make it our goal to balance our creativity with the market's direction to guarantee the ideal outcome for the end user. Thanks to our large manufacturing facilities and our capable team we can successfully address demands in a timely fashion making our brand very competitive as well as a trendsetter itself!

Where can we buy Vaporesso vape products?

Your choices are plenty, depending on your region and your preferred source. Many online retailers, local shops, and distributors all over the world carry our brand as we primarily deal with large distributors and wholesalers. We are currently working on developing a virtual map for your reference and we’ll be posting links to distributors and retailers according to your region under the product page or on our home page. Feel free not to limit yourself to our suggested sources and to inquire with your local shops as to Vaporesso’s availability.

Mode Introduction of OMNI Board 4.0

Thank you for choosing Vaporesso product, below show the main function / mode you can find from the latest product POLAR and ARMOUR PRO kit, To help to achieve a flexible DIY adjustment but yet safe vaping experience, there are 2 function were newly added to the software ( check below item 9 and 10), please come and check it out.




Function detail





(Variable Wattage)


    As an advanced Variable Wattage mode, there are 3 levels: VW-H(High); VW-N (Normal); VW-S( Soft). The default setting is Normal. In VW mode, the device will automatically adjust the voltage to support the wattage you selected. If you want to switch between different ohms resistance, you don’t need to change your wattage setting, your mod will automatically select the adequate average wattage for your atomizer.



(Custom Curve of Wattage) Mode

    To customize you own curve of wattage line using the plus and minus buttons (Ramp-up time and consequent performance); move on to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button When all modifications are done just press the mode button to save and exit.


SP (Super Player) Mode

    In SP mode, it has broader resistance range from 0.03Ω-5Ω which is adaptive to mainstream RDA tanks.


VV (Variable Voltage) Mode

    Variable Voltage works by adjusting the voltage up or down to match the perfect heat level. You will have to change different voltage since different tanks have different resistances. If you are using the tank with higher resistance, you just need to increase your voltage. Vice Versa.


(Newly added)

CCV (Custom Curve of Voltage) Mode

    To customize you own curve of voltage line using the plus and minus buttons (Ramp-up time and consequent performance); move on to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button. When all modifications are done just press the mode button to save and exit


NI(Nickel)/ TI(Titanium)/ SS(Stainless Steel)-- Auto VT(Variable Wattage) Mode

    When device is in VT-NI/ TI/ SS mode(Auto Function enabled), the device can separately support Nickel 200, Titanium, and 316 Stainless Steel coils smartly . In this mode, it will intelligently adjust temperature control parameters based on the heating wire material's resistance value, also it allows you to change the startup wattage.


M1/M2 Mode

TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)

    You can choose your own Manual setting and set the TCR at different values within proper range.


BP (Bypass) Mode

    Direct output voltage system is applied in Bypass mode. The higher the battery level is, the higher the output voltage is. When set in this mode, the device can support a coil whose resistance is within the range of 0.05-5ohm.


(Newly added)

Smart ON/OFF

    As an advanced Variable Wattage mode, when you turn on the smart function, it can change intensity according to the coils resistance levels within a safe limit in VW-H/N/S mode.

How to enable it: System Menu > SET > SMART ON/OFF


(Newly added)


    The Auto function taking away any operation difficulties switching between VW-H and VW-N or between VT-H and VT-N.

    How to enable it: System Menu > SET > AUTO ON/OFF



    You could reset to default setting by entering Default and pressing YES


Automatic Atomizer Recognition

    To achieve better temperature control effect, the mod will ask the user if the new atomizer is attached. " OLD LOAD: -, NEW LOAD: + " will appear on the display. If a new atomizer is attached, press " + ", the mod will read new resistance; if not, press " - ", the mod will read at locked resistance.