WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Method of Purchase

Can I buy spare parts for my Vaporesso vape kit? Such as drip tips, o/seal rings, battery doors, etc.

Way 1: Vaporesso only does wholesale to our distributors and we do not sell spare parts. Please refer to the links below to find your local resellers. You may find what you're looking for from one of them: https://www.vaporesso.com/global-partner-vaporesso

Way 2: You can search google map for vape shops near you and consult them.

Way 3: If you want to buy pods/coils and glass tubes, (not drip tips, o/seal rings, battery doors, etc.), please go to: https://store.vaporesso.com/collections/accessories

Product Knowledge

Can I use any Vaporesso coil in any tank?
Name Applicable Tank
GTX coil 1. Target PM80 (SE) pod (All the GTX coils)
2. Target PM30 pod (GTX 0.6ΩMESH/0.8ΩMESH/1.2ΩRegular coils)
QF coil All the Skrr series tank, such as Skrr tank /Skrr S tank /Skrr s mini tank
GT coil & GT CCELL coil All the NRG and Skrr series tank
EUC coil The model of EUC coil you can choose depends on the tank you use.
Please check the tank specification via: https://www.vaporesso.com/vape-tanks
What’s the wire material of Vaporesso coils? Can it be vaped under temperature mode?
Coil Name Coil Type Material Compatible
GTX coil Mesh/ Regular Cotton(traditional) GTX 0.2Ω/0.3ΩMesh:Ni-Cr/GTX 0.6Ω/0.8ΩMESH/1.2 REGULAR/ RBA: Fe-Cr-Al
DIY RBA: DIY resistance with temperature mode
QF coil Mesh Fe-Cr-Al
GT coil Mesh/ Regular Cotton (traditional) GT MESHED/GT1/GT2: Fe-Cr-Al GT4/GT6/GT8: Ni-Cr
GT CCELL coil Ceramic Stainless Steal
EUC coil Ceramic Stainless Steal
Mesh/Regular Cotton(traditional) Fe-Cr-Al/Ni-Cr
Degree/ PodStick pod: 0.6Ω Mesh Mesh Fe-Cr-Al
Degree/ PodStick pod: 1.3Ω CCELL Ceramic Ni-Cr
Zero/Click pod: 1.3Ω CCELL Ceramic Ni-Cr
As a starter, how do I use the coil/pod and choose the e-juice with right PG/VG correctly?

For best experience:
1. If it’s your first time filling the pod/coil, wait up to 5 minutes for the coil to prime;
2. Replace pod/coil after 4-5 refills;
3. Use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 30-70;
4. For CCELL pods, use e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 40-60

How to replace the pod/coil?

Make sure you are installing the pod/coil correctly, as specified by the user manual of the device. Please see https://www.vaporesso.com/download-manuals-for-vapes

8 burnt coil prevention tips

1. Always make sure you have enough e-liquid in the tank;
2. Don’t chain vape;
3. Always prime your coil;
4. Higher levels of PG might help;
5. Begin with a lower wattage setting and gradually work your way up;
6. Replace your coil regularly for optimum performance;
7. Keep your tank and coils clean to prolong lifespan and avoid burnt tastes;
8. Avoid extreme temperature change exposure for your vape;

If you’d like to know more about burning issues, for example:
· Why does my vape taste burnt?
· How to know your coil is burnt?Does your new coil taste burnt?
Check via https://www.vaporesso.com/blog/why-does-my-vape-taste-burnt

How to stop your vape tank from leaking?

· Fill tank properly, preferably vertically;
· Try not to turn your tank upside down;
· Frequently clean your tank to keep it at optimal performance;
· Check your airflow to make sure it is tight enough;
· We recommend using e-juice with PG:VG ratio between 50:50 and 30-70;
  To learn more, please visit:

Are all Vaporesso tanks compatible with all mods?

As long as the tank has a 510 pin and the mod has a 510 connector, they can work together. Just make sure the coils are within range of the mod’s maximum wattage and is the right diameter for the body size (for example, Swag’s maximum tank diameter is 22mm and Swag II’s maximum tank diameter is 25mm.). But an AIO kit, which can’t be matched with another tank, is an exception. Since the tank is attached to the body, once the bottom of the tank is broken, it cannot be fully replaced.

What kind of batteries should I buy for my Vaporesso device?
Battery Type Specification Applicable Device
18650 Max 35-45amp, continues 25-35amp and capacity is higher than 2000mah All devices without built-in batteries
20700 Max 35-45amp, continues 25-40amp and capacity is higher than 2800mah Only for Armour pro
21700 Max 35amp, the internal resistance is less than 25 milliohms Only for Armour pro
Battery Warning

· Make sure the battery is undamaged and completely wrapped;
· Take care of your vaping devices by choosing the proper batteries, For a dual-battery device, it’s recommend that you buy and use batteries from the same brand and from a licensed vaping shop or online shop;
· Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended;
· Don’t over-drain your batteries;
· Avoid extreme temperatures and use married batteries.

Want to learn more about vapes, batteries, or things like:
· How long do vape batteries take to charge?
· Where to buy vape batteries?
· How to dispose of vape batteries?
Please go to https://www.vaporesso.com/blog/a-complete-guide-to-vape-batteries

How to choose the right charger for your beloved device?

We recommend you use a 5V1A/2A charger from a licensed vape shop or online shop to charge our device. If you want fast charging for a mod with replaceable batteries, you can choose a 5V2A charger. Additionally, power banks can be used to charge our devices

In a device with the Axon chipset, when will the Power Eco function be activated?

Power eco function will be activated when the battery is below 40%. The exact battery level when it can be activated will depend on the actual wattage and battery status.

What is the difference of the firmware installation between the Vaporesso omni board T and S?

For Firmware Version T, when you want to connect the device to a PC, hold down the fire button before plugging it into the PC to get connected. Only release the fire button after the connection is successful.
But as to Firmware Version S, you don’t need to hold down the fire button before plugging it into the PC to get connected.

How to get the user manual/Firmware/Poster/Flyer online?

Please go on https://www.vaporesso.com/download-manuals-for-vapes to download the user manual/firmware/Poster/Flyer of the device you want.

Product Verification & Warranty

How to know if your beloved device is genuine?

Way1: Please scratch off the layer of the QR Code which is located on the back/side of the device box and type the security code number into the blank space of AUTHENTICATING on the bottom right corner of the website. https://www.vaporesso.com/

Way2: Scratch the cover of QR code (For unopened packages, the cover of QR code should remain intact) and use your mobile to scan QR code to verify.

You can learn more via https://www.vaporesso.com/news/instruction-of-laser-anti-counterfeiting-label

Does Vaporesso warranty cover the spare parts of the device?

Vaporesso is for wholesale only, and provides warranty service for our distributors.
Vaporesso does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments, including but not limited to: drip tip (mouthpiece), coil, pod, glass tube, batteries, E-juice filling bottle and USB cable.