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Luxe Vaping Mod

After few hours of use, I need to say both the Luxe and the SKRR are amazing, to be honest, the SKRR is a beast.

Nicholas Mitchell :
Very Classy Looking, You Can tell the Quality of Material and Workmen Ship of Product Very Well Made. That Touch Screen accuracy was Flawless and the Vibration is a Good feel to It.I Love the Start up Screen, Top Notch

nicely made! such sleekness compared to my revenger x

Skrr Tank

Nicholas Mitchell:
The Skrr Tank is Just Great I Was Very Impressed with the Way the Top Fill Works, It's 1 of a Kind and the Coils Give a Smooth Rich Flavorful Clouds and The Design is Unique , I Just wish I Got to Test the Ccell Coil.

Dome or bullet shaped wind tunnel , idea is to bring air flow back down warming it up and stopping any spit back, this mite even improve on the flavor, we'll have to wait and see

SKRR tank seems to solve the problems with current ones. I'd be a fool not to want one! Plus, the shirt is just plain cool

Jesus Quintana:
No cons at all very good mod. Great screen. I love omniboard 4.0 easy and cute. Cascade baby se works perfect as all cascade tanks. Very good work.

OMG I love this mod. I love love love everything about it!!! The red glass just sets it off!!!

Raul Endymion:
Blue and black and it looks even better than the pictures. This is definitely your best mod yet.

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