Presenting SKRR Tank

the most buildable Sub-Ohm tank by Vaporesso.

The Quadflow air distribution system provides exquisite flavor and warmth by keeping cold drafts out, creating a perfect balance between taste and cloud chasing. Also with this new breakthrough technology it eliminates spit back! A thoughtful innovation on the drip tip provides a secure yet simple locking mechanism. We’ve also redesigned the base of the tank to prevent leakage. On top of all that, you can have it all in your style with our broad range of accessories, designs, colors and materials. Supercharge your clouds, Make your SKRR.


Innovative QF Air Distribution System

Supercharge your clouds with SKRR’s new QF Coils, for a more flavorful and denser cloud than ever!

No More Spit Back


The QF Coil’s bullet-shaped inner structure controls air flow to prevent liquid from coming up through the drip tip.


Best Leak Protection On The Market

Spend less time cleaning, More time vaping.


Combining the use of airflow and an internal reservoir, we have minimized leaking, which prevents messy cleanup and maximizes efficiency of your e-juice.




Introducing - Flax Fiber with Cotton!

Longer Lifespan & more consistent flavor!
Our Research & Development team have rigorously tested different ratios of flax and cotton fibers to create the most consistently flavorful vapor and longest coil lifespan possible!


All GT Coils Adapted: A Tank for Any Occasion

With one SKRR Tank, you can have them all.

(3 new coils are included)

8 colors available