Gemini RTA

Welcome to the most complete RTA on the market

The Gemini RTA goes beyond the average velocity style RTA on the market because of one unique element: An extra central post for a better airflow, allowing you to hit the coils not only from the top and bottom with the innovative Gemini dual airflow system, but also from inside out.

If you’re looking to build you own RTA atomizers then the Gemini is a great option as it provides excellent performance, full customisability, and the unique Gemini dual airflow for a stronger, cleaner heat at the atomizer.

Better airflow equals better taste and  better vapour.

Now you are in control. What’s not to like?

gemini_rta.jpg gemini_rta_1.jpg gemini_rta_2.jpg gemini_rta_3.jpg gemini_rta_4.jpg

Steel: 39.9 USD (MSRP)
Black: 41.9 USD (MSRP)

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Gemini RTA at a glance

  • 3ml.png

    3ml capacity (4.5ml in the MEGA)

  • diy_coils.png

    DIY coils - you can set resistance to suit you

  • tank_window.png

    Tank window to check level of e-juice

  • tank_mooring.png

    5/10 thread for maximum compatibility

  • drip_tip.png

    Delrin Drip tip

  • top_fill.png

    Easy top-fill

  • leak_free_design.png

    Leak-free design for a cleaner vaping experience

  • pyrex.png

    Spare pyrex tank glass

  • black_and_stainless_steel.png

    Available in black and stainless steel

  • seals.png


  • screws.png


  • allen_key.png

    Allen key



The Gemini Rebuildable Tank Atomizer makes advanced vaping easier

Most advanced vapers consider an RDA to be the pinnacle of their craft.

However an RDA can lead to spitting and spillages due to needing to ‘drip’ onto them regularly, let alone needing to count your hits to prevent dry hits burning your wick.

The Gemini gives you the ability to create a deck to suit your needs, but without the mess and fuss of an RDA. It’s basically the happy medium between RDA and tank.

This RTA has massive airflow all around the deck, giving you:

  • Enhanced flavour
  • Less overheating
  • Fuller drags at higher settings
  • A deck which facilitates large wire builds

The Gemini RTA also features a 3ml tank size, and the MEGA version holds a huge 4.5ml for the thirstiest vapers who need a huge e-juice capacity!

Amazing curves fuel the Gemini RTA’s vapour

Finally this RTA has a groundbreaking design, where we’ve included a bell-shaped chamber and wider chimney which accommodates a larger stream of vapour.

The Gemini RTA is ideal for hardcore vapers who want the benefits of an RDA but with the convenience of a tank, eliminating the possible mess and spillage that you get from dripping.



How does it compare to other RTAs?
Our gemini is the first RTA to present an all new airflow system to guarantee the best results from your high wattage vaping. We have added a third “post” located between the two posts denoting the velocity style deck presenting 2 tiny holes to release the airflow directly from the bottom slits to the inside of the coil. To hit the coil with fresh air from bottom, top, AND inside out!
What deck builds are best fitting?
Generally any velocity style supported builds perform amazingly on our Gemini, some spare prebuilt clapton coils are provided within the package for what we think is a great match.
What mod is the best match for it?
Our gemini can be easily classified as a medium-large mod kind of RTA due to its capacity to handle particularly demanding builds (see Tarot PRO or Magic Cube for reference)
Why prefer an RTA?
An RTA is the happy compromise between tanks and RDAs, ideal for a wide range of vapers and often regarded as the greatest vaping success, rightfully so. Our RTA is inspired by the present and enhanced by our imagination.