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Jak zmienić ustawienia Vaporesso Revenger

This article covers the following models: Revenger, Revenger X (Updated version of Revenger), Revenger Go, and Revenger Mini.


The family of Revenger models is an iconic series designed and manufactured by Vaporesso for the safer, purer and richer vaping experience. How to operate Vaporesso Revenger settings is the first chapter to begin your vaping journey with a Vaporesso Revenger. This article will give you some guidance based on the common questions we get regarding Vaporesso Revenger, such as how to unlock Vaporesso Revenger or how to set the clock. The purpose of this article is help you get familiar with your kit more quickly.


General Settings:


-To switch on/off your device, press the fire button five times in quick succession within 2 seconds to turn on the device. In the same way, the device will be powered off after five presses.

-To unlock your Revenger device, just quickly press the power switch from the right side three times continuously in power-on state.


-To reset the clock, please unlock the touch buttons first. Then press the mode button for three seconds or quick press the mode button for three times to enter the system settings menu for "Time set." Press the "Function" button to select the parts which need to be set and use the UP or DOWN to set.

-Regarding the charge, it comes with a quick charge system and an equalizing charge system. Plugin the USB cable to charge the battery, OLED display current battery level and the Remaining Charging Time to get the battery fully charge. And the screen will remain lit while charging.


Atomizing Settings:


-Regarding the atomizer recognition, the mod will read the coil's resistance as soon as the connection is detected. It will also recognize coil type when the KANTHAL coil engaged; the mod will shift from TC to wattage mode automatically.

-To Change the atomizer, please remove the base and unscrew the GT Cores and insert the new GT cores on the top of the mod. Secure the mod back in place. There is a variety of GT cores available for the NRG Tank series. Please select the GT Cores you prefer. Also, to achieve better temperature control effect, the mod will ask the user if the new atomizer is attached. "NEW LOAD: + " and "OLD LOAD: -" ​will appear on display. If a new atomizer is attached, press UP, the mod will read new resistance; if not, press DOWN, the mod will read at locked resistance.



Vaping Settings:


-For vaping, please hold the fire button and inhale through the mouthpiece. And then release the fire button and exhale.


-To generally adjust the output wattage to enrich your vaping flavor, first unlock the touch buttons. Press the "DOWN" button to increase the wattage. Conversely, the "UP" button is for wattage decreasing.

-To switch vaping modes, unlock the touch buttons first. Then press the mode button for three seconds, or quick press the mode button three times to enter the vaping modes menu and system setting menu. You may select from the following vaping modes:


  • Smart VW Mode
  • CCW Mode
  • VT-Ni/VT-Ti/VT-SS/TCR (M1, M2) Mode
  • CCT Mode
  • Bypass Mode

-The Smart ON/OFF, an advanced Variable Wattage mode that can be switched on and off on the central manual, and it does not impact the VW(H/N/S). Enter Smart ON/OFF and press YES /NO to confirm.

Please contact our customer service for more detailed product setting information.

Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 4 sie 2020

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