Attitude Kit

Easy Vaping!

Attitude Kit by Vaporesso perfectly demonstrates our attitude: to insist on providing you with the most innovative experience. The vape tanks unique design allows you to replace the coil without ever touching the juice.

Its advanced Omni board allows the user to move with ease between nonchalant vaping, even offering bypass mode, and heavily customized settings to squeeze every bit of potential out of your builds. The Omni board will supply you with VW/VT(Ni200 + SS + Ti) / TCR BYPASS /CCW/CCT).

With one 18650 battery sold separately, it is capable of 80W output. Built with EUC, CCELL or cotton wick inside, it is guaranteed to deliver the most original flavor of your juice.


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Attitude At a Glance

Attitude Vape Kit:

  • omni_board.png

    OMNI-Board Capabilities

  • six_different_colours.png

    Ergonomic design with many color options

  • voltage_range.png

    Up to 80 watts of output

  • battery.png

    18650 battery powered (not included)

  • coli_drops_out_bottom.png

    Unique Coil Replacement System for Clean Hand Vaping

  • top_fill.png

    Top Fill

  • usb_firmware.png

    USB adaptable: Updatable and fully customisable firmware

  • drip_tip.png

    Derlin Drip-tip provided

  • size.png

    Dimensions: 111x48x25mm

  • coil_durability.png

    ECO Universal Coil Inside

  • 2in1.png

    2 in 1 Tank: 4ML/2ML with Glass Adaptor Provided

Eco Universal Coil

  • max_flavour.png

    Maximum flavor

  • no_dry_hits.png

    No dry hits

  • burnt_cotton.png

    ECO friendly and cut down waste

  • longer_life_cycle.png

    Longer life-cycle

  • k8-1-01.png

    Ceramic or a traditional cotton choice




Eco Universal Coil


VAPORESSO ECO Universal Coil (EUC) is specially engineered to keep the metal sleeve of coil while just replace the EUC head in a convenient way, making vaping affordable and Eco-friendly while maintaining the best performance.




A real way to address environmental concerns and cut down waste


An Easy and Fast coil replacement routine


Ceramic or a Traditional cotton choice

OMNI Board

OMNI Board is the most comprehensive board that is included in Vaporesso premium mods, guaranteeing a consistently reliable performance with a scientific touch. As the foundation of every mod, it is geared towards both new and veteran vapers.

The Omni board will supply you with 6 output modes: Smart VW/CCW/VT(Ni200/SS/Ti)/CCT/
TCR/Bypass. These modes cater for almost any kind of coil that you may be using.

It also features multi protection functions for maximum battery life. The dedicated software would guarantee that your mod stays up-to-date and also can be used to customize the user experience.

OMNI board, as the most advanced personal vaporizer board available, is set to refine your imagination of vaping.

Built with OMNI Board for
Ultra Flexible Settings
More Output Mode: Smart VW, VT, TCR, CCW, CCT, Bypass
ECO Universal Coil inside, Replace the coil and keep the sleeve
Revolutionary easy coil replacement system


Coil Type Wire Resistance

Recommended Wattage

Traditional Clapton 0.4Ω 40-50W
Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W
Ceramic SS316 0.6Ω 40-55W
Traditional Clapton 0.5Ω 35-40W



What wattage can it handle?
The device is capable of up to 80 watts of output, perfect for tanks and short range builds, the tank’s coil is capable to sustain around half of that and still produce enormous
How long will the battery last?

The battery life as for any rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is dictated by the mAh that it displays in relation to the frequency of use, so please when battery shopping, cater to your needs

How long before i replace my coil?
Our EUC coils adopting the CCELL technology are made with the purpose of not only delivering a cleaner juice taste, untainted, but also to last you longer than regular cotton. A good way to tell when it’s time is when the taste starts to “fade away” or, visually, when it presents a dark and saturated wall.
What's so special?
This kit is thought specifically to cater after your design craves, the tank is also sold as a separate item, as well as the mod, and together they make a fantastic setup to turn heads and shape clouds.
Why use ECO Universal Coil technology?
EUC technology is the ultimate bargain; you now have a coil which is: very easy to replace, long-lasting and light, offers you many options (different resistance levels and wick material), way more affordable, easy on the environment, dependable and safe to use, and guaranteeing the best possible taste of your juice. It is the upgrade you can’t afford to skip on; Vape Great, Vape EUC.