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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 Tips For Vaping To Quit Smoking

Are you ready to make the switch from smoking? The vaping industry has sparked a monumental rise in conscious awareness over the health related issues of smoking. All across the world, millions of people are making the switch to vaping for reasons that very actively pertain to the health of their habit. Whether your choice to switch revolves around health issues, or you’re just seeking more enjoyment out of your nicotine habits, we have good news for you. Vaping is both healthier and more fun than smoking and is there to be enjoyed by everyone who wants to make the switch.

We know that switching can be a daunting experience at first, so here we’re providing you, the soon-to-be vaper, with a short guide on making the switch, with some insider info, tips and tricks.


Quick-guide on switching from smoking to vaping

1. Make lists


To help reaffirm your intention to quit smoking, make a list of all the inspired reasons why you’ve decided to make the switch to vaping. Vaping is about positive upliftment, we feel, and the freedom to enter a new world by shedding what no longer serves you in smoking. Jotting down all the things you’re unsure of about vaping will also motivate you to find answers and educate yourself about the exciting world of vaping.

2. Hide your camels…


Or Pall Malls, or Peter Styvie’s, or whatever you USED to smoke. If you’re serious about really actually quitting ciggies, then we highly advise that as you pick-up vaping, you hide (or throw) away your old boxes of tobacco sticks. Making them very inconveniently inaccessible will spur on your motivation to keep vaping, even if you don’t necessarily like it as much as your OLD HABIT at first.  


3. Experiment with nicotine levels


As you start to wean yourself off the tobacco, experiment with different nicotine levels to find out which your body most agrees with as a viable means of nicotine intake to facilitate your switch. The nice part is that experimenting with the different nicotine levels that e-liquids have to offer doesn’t require a change of brand or type of e-cigarette. It’s a little bit like choosing between a lighter or stronger tobacco, except that the spectrum of different levels is a lot wider in vaping and therefore takes a lot more experimentation to find out which your body is happy with. Who knows, if you’re really serious about quitting smoking, you may eventually decide to go for a zero nicotine e-liquid.


4. Choose the device most suited to you vaporesso_target_pro_1.jpg

One of the appeals of joining the vaping community is participating in the sheer variety of products on offer in the market. Part of the process of quitting smoking can (and should) also involve experimenting with different e-cigarette products, both to start enjoying the variety that comes with vaping and to help you choose the device that is best suited to you and your needs.


5. Know your friend


Usually the saying goes ‘know your enemy’, or something like that, but we like to think that vaping will be your friend on your journey to quitting smoking. Before you start that journey, it’s really helpful to do some research on some of the hot topics currently surrounding the vaping industry. The most flowing conversations at the moment are the ones being had around the health benefits of vaping and the ones around official regulation. There’s a lot of internet research out there to help you understand more about what your journey into the vaping world will be like, so be one of those smart and proactive people (just like you’re being with your decision to quit smoking) and educate yourself.

Hopefully these tips will be making your journey for vaping to quit smoking a smoother ride. And we’re already excited for you to join us when you get here. Also, check out our vaping 101 guide to get started. 

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Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 30 Aug 2016


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