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Luxe Vaping Mod

After few hours of use, I need to say both the Luxe and the SKRR are amazing, to be honest, the SKRR is a beast.

Nicholas Mitchell :
Very Classy Looking, You Can tell the Quality of Material and Workmen Ship of Product Very Well Made. That Touch Screen accuracy was Flawless and the Vibration is a Good feel to It.I Love the Start up Screen, Top Notch

nicely made! such sleekness compared to my revenger x


Can't wait for the aurora play loved my orignal one and i can't wait to see what's good with the new version.

Aurora play..would be so convenient to toss in my pocket or purst without any worries

By far the smoothest nicotine vapor device I've used yet.
Ordinarily when I take a drag I waste about 50% of the steam and inhale the other half. Otherwise I choke or cough. With the zero that is not the case.
No need to pre-puff to get a good drag. It's ready to go from the get-go.

This has become my main device. I expect I'll get another soon. I like everything about it enuf to tolerate it very minor flaws.

giveaway power user

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