Gemini Vape Tank

Double the airflow, double the vapour

The Gemini vape tank offers innovative top and bottom airflow, working with 0.5 and 0.6 stainless steel CCELL coils which accommodate up to 50watts of power at low resistances and kick out a dense but pure hit, made to satisfy all tastes.

By adding an innovative top and bottom airflow port to the Gemini tank, Vaporesso are maximising the air reaching your atomiser as it heats up. CCELL coils already handle high temperatures and produce awesome clouds, but the Gemini helps take it one step further!

gemini_tank.jpg gemini_tank_1.jpg gemini_tank_2.jpg gemini_tank_3.jpg gemini_tank_4.jpg

Steel: 39.99 USD (MSRP)
Black: 39.99 USD (MSRP)

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Gemini Vape Tank at a glance


  • 3ml.png

    3ml capacity

  • never_overfills.png

    Never overfills

  • tank_window.png

    Tank window to check level of e-juice

  • tank_mooring.png

    510 thread for maximum compatibility

  • drip_tip.png

    Delrin Drip tip

  • top_fill.png

    Easy top-fill with coil remaining inside the tank

  • leak_free_design.png

    Leak-free design for a cleaner vaping experience

  • seals.png

    Extra O rings

  • pyrex.png

    Spare pyrex tank glass

  • black_and_stainless_steel.png

    Available in black and stainless steel

  • ohm.png

    CCELL SS316L 0.5Ω pre-installed + Extra CCELL SS316L 0.6Ω

Patented CCELL Ceramic Coil

  • max_flavour.png

    Maximum flavor

  • no_spitting.png

    No spitting

  • no_dry_hits.png

    No dry hits

  • burnt_cotton.png

    No burnt cotton

  • longer_life_cycle.png

    Longer life-cycle


Gemini Tank is more than just a pretty face

Its benefits include:

  • Simple top-filling
  • Top and bottom airflow bases for extra taste and vapour
  • New innovative cCELL stainless steel coils
  • Easy grip for convenient airflow adjustment, and simple handling
  • 3ml tank capacity
  • Universal 5/10 connecting pin allows it to be coupled with any mod

The popular Gemini tank is perfect for most types of vaper, offers innovative dual airflow for more vapour and cleaner taste, and can be used with your choice of mod.

Once you go CCELL you’ll never go back.


Vaporesso’s CCELL coil is a real game changer.

This revolutionary porous ceramic coil delivers the truest taste of your e-juice in comparison to a cotton wick which can taint your hit.

It was developed to provide:

  • A non spit experience
  • No dry hits
  • Far more durable coils with a longer life cycle
  • True taste
  • Available in different metals to suit your preferences
  • TCR compatible
  • ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety

The CCELL is truly beyond the ordinary, providing better performance than standard coils and is highly compatible, working with almost any standard tank or kit.
Try the CCELL and enjoy its taste and performance. You won’t go back!

Standard cCELL

0.9 Ohms Kanthal

0.2 Ohms Nickel

0.5 Ohms Stainless Steel

0.6 Ohms Stainless Steel

0.15 Ohms Stainless Steel  - Giant Dual

0.5 & 1.4 Ohms Stainless Steel - Guardian Tank



Coil Type Wire Resistance Recommended Wattage
Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W
Ceramic SS316 0.6Ω 40-55W
Ceramic Kanthal 0.9Ω 25-35W
Ceramic Ni200 0.2Ω N/A

EUC with Sleeve

Coil Type Wire Resistance Recommended Wattage
Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W
Ceramic SS316 0.6Ω 40-55W
Traditional Clapton 0.5Ω 35-40W
Traditional Clapton 0.4Ω 40-50W
Ceramic SS316 0.3Ω 35-40W
Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω 35-40W


How does it compare to other tanks?
The Gemini tank is our second generation tank, launched after the success of our target kit. its special features include a top airflow system and a revolutionary “grip” design for regulating the top and bottom airflow.
What atomizers/coils go with it?
Our traditional CCELL coils are the ones intended for this tank, it comes with a 0.5 SS coil already lodged in the chamber and a spare 0.6 one.
What mod is the best match for it?
Our gemini tank is very flexible and is therefore a good match with any medium sized mods (see our target PRO for reference) the coils inside vary in their suggested wattage but is in the range of the 30’s to guarantee a smooth vape.
What’s the CCELL coil really about?
The CCELL is what Vaporesso created with the purpose of giving a true solution to the downsides of using a cotton wick. With the porous ceramic our coil is provided the best and the safest channel to direct the liquid to the coil, untainted.