WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Heavy Metals in Vapes?! No.

Have you been listening to the media lately and have concerns over heavy metals in your vape? Well you should be! We should all be concerned about things related to our health. This is why we wanted to show you some of the information the media is not giving you because it doesn’t drive traffic their way. As always please remember to consult a doctor if you are having any medical issues but this should help to clear up some of the Heavy Metal reports.

The important part is to figure out what the actual levels of toxicity are in the vapes. But because of conflicting reports and lack of scientific studies on the matter it is hard to tell where the truth begins and media histeria begins.

Richard Polosa, a world authority on the issue, addressed this issue in tobacco addiction and respiratory medicine that should help!

“Should you be worried about the low level of metals that come with inhalation of e-cig vaper?”

Richard Palosa answered by saying: They should not. Current findings indicate that e-cigarettes are by far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. First, levels of metals found in these studies are well below the maximum permissible daily exposure from inhalational medications according to the US Pharmacopeia.

Second, although the levels found in e-cigarettes may pose some residual risk, it is by far lower compared to tobacco cigarettes. Please keep in mind that cigarette smoke contains a cocktail of more than 7000 toxic chemicals with more than 40 recognized carcinogenic substances and focusing on trace levels of metals does not create significant health advantage, but only alarmist headlines.

Third, considering the reports from the environmental protection agencies, vapers should be more concerned of the air they breathe in polluted cities rather than their vaping!

Finally, product innovation (new materials, cotton wicks, etc.) will eventually minimize these residual risks.

He also said: Portraying trace levels of a certain chemical as harmful is a common tactic used by journalists, lobbyist groups, and even governments to incite chemophobia to the public, which is now fuelling much of the emotional debate over ecigs. Of course, simply associating hazard with the presence of a metal does not mean that this in itself is dangerous.

But everything we touch, see, and smell is made up of chemicals, and anything reduced to its chemical name can sound sinister when presented to people who are unfamiliar with chemistry.

Unless you are exposed to large doses of these metals they are not considered toxic even by the wonderful FDA. So, while yes it is very important for the future of vaping and our health, to do this kind of research, presenting it in an honest and truthful way would help it even more.

So as always, make sure you do your research on the things you put into your body, and don’t just brush off claims like these. We want e-cigarettes to be a better alternative and we need tests to be done. But also don’t freak out too bad with sensational headlines in the news before you hear from the experts who don’t have an agenda.