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  • by Eve Wang, 27 Oct 2017

    UK launches new inquiry into the safety of vaping

    Vaping is perhaps more popular in the UK than anywhere else at the moment, with over 3 million active vapers. When you consider the research published by Public Health England which claims vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, it's little surprise that vaping is skyrocketing in Britain. NHS Scotland even went as far as to officially recommend e-cigarettes to those trying to quit smoking tobacco laced cigarettes. So why this sudden move to launch a new inquiry into the safety of vaping? Is it necessary and will it make a difference? 

  • by Eve Wang, 25 Oct 2017

    Will New York's Vape Ban Reduce Smoking Rates and Save Lives?

    Thanks to the hard work of many public health activitists, most Americans are now aware that smoking cigarettes is bad for them. Despite that, over half a million Americans still die each year from smoking related illnesses, so there's clearly more work to be done. Smoking has decreased in popularity sharply throughout the past decade, in no small part to the introduction of newer, tobacco-free devices we call vape kits or e-cigarettes. So why have New York state now banned them from being them being used in indoor public spaces? Will it actually improve public health?

  • by Eve Wang, 22 Oct 2017

    Vaping 101: How to Prevent Burnt Vape Coils

    Whether you're brand new to the world of vaping or a seasoned pro looking for the next big mod, we've all experienced that most awful of things - a burnt vape coil. It's one of those things that can creep up on even the most experienced vapers. One minute you're puffing perfect clouds and enjoying the deep, rich flavours of your favourite e-juice, and then the unthinkable happens - you get a dry hit and taste burning. It's enough to put anyone off their vape session but, thankfully, it's quite easily avoidable and not at all difficult to fix. Here's how... 

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  • by Eve Wang, 17 Oct 2017

    Benefits of vaping: UK endorses vaping for 'Stoptober'

    According to those in the know, the UK quite far ahead of the US when it comes research and support of vaping as a viable alternative to smoking. Public Health England were one of the first reputable medical bodies in the world to come out and say that vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and more smokers should make the switch. For the past several years, the UK has made October the month for kicking bad habits, and 'Stoptober' is a campaign to get smokers to give up. It has huge support across the country, from billboard advertising to television campaigns, and lots of people get on board.

    Basic Vaping Tips

  • by Eve Wang, 17 Oct 2017

    Is vaping safe? New study suggests vaping could save lives

    Lots of vapers still get a bit of a hard time about their hobby. Thought it's grown in popularity enourmously, there are still stigmas attached to it with many asking the question, 'is vaping safe?'. We know that smoking cigarettes is most certainly bad for our health, largely due to the tobacco, but vaping is tobacco free - so why the concern? 

    Basic Vaping Tips

  • by Eve Wang, 28 Sep 2017

    vape mods: what are they and how do you get started?

    Okay. So you've been vaping for a while. You've found some juices that you like and you know how to look after your vape kit and keep it clean. You've probably seen or heard about other vapers experimenting with mod kits, tailoring their vaping experience to perfection. But where do you start? If you've heard about vape mods or want to get more involved in harnessing the technology around vaping, this article may help. It's time to throw away your e-cigarettes and vape pens and get serious about vaping... 

  • by Eve Wang, 26 Sep 2017

    Vaping 101: What you need to know about vape juice

    Vaping is soaring in popularity. Whether it's a vehicle to quit smoking or a relaxing hobby that people are picking up, more and more people are doing it every day. It stands to reason that searches for various questions online are through the roof,  and we've noticed that most of them around the many vape juice or e-juice varieties that are available. What is e-juice? What's in it? Is it safe? Which one should you pick? If, as a beginner vaper, you've asked yourself any of these questions, read on. 

  • by Eve Wang, 21 Sep 2017


    Vaping has soared in popularity over the past decade. It started life as a simple yet effective way to combat smoking, but has since evolved into an elaborate and sophisticaed hobby, with mods and gadgets being constantly innovated to improve the experience. However, one question has stood head and shoulders above all else - is vaping healthier than smoking? For years opinions have swung to and fro with a distinct lack of evidence, leaving many of those curious about vaping on the fence. Now the National Heath Service in England has come forward with new research that seeks to 'clarify' confusion around the harms and benefits of vaping, and the results are clear. 

    Basic Vaping Tips

  • by Eve Wang, 14 Sep 2017

    Everyday vaping: What Social Rules should you follow?

    Vaping is still a relatively new trend. One of the major pulls of vaping to smokers and non-smokers alike, is the ability to do it anywhere, anyime. It's a great way to relax, and because vaping is nowhere near as harmful as bad habits like smoking cigarettes, there are no laws governing where we can or cannot do it. However, that doesn't mean we can freely disregard other people. Like everything we do in public, we need to be considerate and follow the unwritten rules that accompany activities like vaping. For someone new to the vape world, this can be perplexing and may even dissuade them from vaping in public. Don't be dismayed... we have you covered. Here's our quick quide to vaping etiquette so you can vape in quiet confidence. 

    Basic Vaping Tips

  • by Eve Wang, 8 Sep 2017

    Beginners guide to producing big vape clouds

    Vaping has taken off in a big way, and more and more people are joining in as we approach 2018.  Whether you're new to vaping and enjoying your first vape kit or you're a seasoned vaper looking for something a little different, you've probably thought about vape clouds. Vaping is relaxing. That's why we do it. Sometimes, whether at home or out in public, it feels good to produce a nice, thick vape cloud that's full of flavour. You've probably seen other vapers do it and wondered how it's done. Really, it boils down to two things - technique and vapor production. 

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