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  • by Eve Wang, 28 Sep 2017

    vape mods: what are they and how do you get started?

    Okay. So you've been vaping for a while. You've found some juices that you like and you know how to look after your vape kit and keep it clean. You've probably seen or heard about other vapers experimenting with mod kits, tailoring their vaping experience to perfection. But where do you start? If you've heard about vape mods or want to get more involved in harnessing the technology around vaping, this article may help. It's time to throw away your e-cigarettes and vape pens and get serious about vaping... 

  • by Eve Wang, 19 Jul 2017

    Vaping 101: What are the best batteries to use?

    When people first pick up vaping, they're usually not bothered about the details. The novelty is enough to carry the experience, and most people will be happy to put their hands on an affordable kit just to try things out. However, as they get more accustomed to vaping, they naturally seek to tailor the experience. That's where vape mods come into play. Once they've found the right style of vaping for them, be it mouth-to-lung, direct-to-lung, sub-ohm or a style of their own (check here for our guide on vaping techniques), the start to seek the best of everything to optimize the experience.  The best mods, the best e-liquids and the best batteries to use. The battery may be the last thing on your mind when you start vaping, but pretty soon you'll start to realize the impact a battery can have on your vaping experience. 

  • by Eve Wang, 6 Jul 2017

    Choosing the right juice for your vape tank

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that choosing an e-juice is all about flavour and nicotine levels, but there's more to it than meets the eye.  One thing newcomers to vaping often don't consider when choosing an e-juice is how it might work with their vape tank of choice.  Getting your vaping setup just right takes time and patience, and there will probably be a lot of trial and error involved until you find the right experience for you,  but getting your e-juice and vape tank combination right from the start will pay dividends. 

  • by Eve Wang, 14 Jun 2017

    The benefits of vaping and how to get started

    In the last few years vaping has soared in popularity. Go to any bar or public place and you're likely to see somebody enjoying an e-cigarrette or using a vaping kit. Many think of it as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and while that is most certainly true there's more to vaping the meets the eye. From straightforward vaping pens to highly modded kits that produce dense clouds and allow sub-ohm vaping, there's a lot going on in the vaping community and 2017 is a great time to join in.

  • by Eve Wang, 12 Jun 2017

    Why your choice of vape tank matters

    Most vapers tend to get rather passionate about the act of vaping. It's more than just taking a few puffs to relax; it's a hobby that can get more and more intricate the deeper you go and there's a great deal of tinkering involved if that's something you enjoy. One of the things that's often overlooked by beginners and veterans alike is their choice of tank. In order to get a consistent and high quality vaping experience, your choice of vape tank is surprisingly important. Overlooking it can lead to a lot frustration and that despairing feeling that something it 'missing' from the experience when you want to get your vaping kick.  You can be using high end vaping mods while doing all the right things and still have a sub-par experience if your vape tank is off. 

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  • by Eve Wang, 12 Jun 2017

    What is an RDA atomizer and how does 'Dripping' work?

    If you've heard the term 'dripper' floating around then you probably already know a thing or two about RDA atomizers. RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, but people au fait with the practice nearly always refer to its use as 'dripping'. Some cartridges in pen-style vaping devices come with an atomizer already built in, but eventually you'll want to move onto a rebuildable atomiser to make the most of it. Here we'll talk about what dripping is, and everything you need to know to get started with an RDA.

  • by Eve Wang, 3 Oct 2016

    Advanced Vaping: Things To Consider When Buying A Vape Atomizer

    Vape atomizers are undoubtedly one of the major components changing the vaping game at the moment. Unlike the yesteryear of vaping, when a simple clearomizer was all that was available in an e-cig to get the vaporizing job done. Today, there are many different types of atomizers that help vapers to customize their experience to their tastes and preferences.

    The major difference is that atomizers have switched from being disposable components (although those are still available) of simple vape devices, to being rebuildable components of advanced devices, like mods. This offers a whole new world of vape experiences to vapers looking to push the possibilities of their vape devices.

    Here we’ll take a look at the two main types of rebuildable atomizers available on the market, and some things to consider before you buy one.


  • by Eve Wang, 28 Sep 2016

    Advanced Vaping: Getting Started With Vape Kits

    If you have been vaping for a while and are looking to start experimenting with some of the more advanced elements of vaporizing, then a vape starter kit may just be the way to go for you.

    Further than a vape pen or e-cig, vape starter kits offer an introduction into the world of advanced vaping without the fuss of having to buy each individual component yourself. Different vape kits offer different components, each designed to give you a different experience. So, it’s worth having some basic knowledge of some of the more advanced vaporizing components before making your vape kit purchase.

  • by Eve Wang, 14 Sep 2016

    Vaping 101: How Vaporizers Work

    As a newbie to the world of vaping, you might’ve gotten to the point where you’ve started to go full swing into vaping, but haven’t really stopped to wonder how vaporizers work; and that’s okay. It’s all rather exciting and overwhelming in the beginning. We know.

    Getting to know a little bit more about the technology that goes into the magnificent machine that is your vape can be really helpful at the start of your journey. Understanding that there’s more to vaping than just using a vape pen or a traditional e-cigarette can open up a whole new world of choices and possibilities for you.

    In this vaping 101 blog post, we’d like to help open up that world for you, so here’s a few bits of insider info on how your equipment works...