WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
  • by Eve Wang, 13 Jul 2017

    Surfing in the cloud with OMNI board 2.0

    We at Vaporesso are extremely proud to present the Omni Board 2.0 – an upgraded version of the Omni Board! Based on the original OMNI BOARD, the OMNI BOARD 2.0 is multi-functionally upgraded aiming at the device itself, operating system security and stability, flavor and experience of human-machine interface from the software and hardware aspects. Its functional features are as follows:


  • by Eve Wang, 23 Jun 2017

    Your Revenger Kit will be shipping

    We would like to thank you for the love to Vaporesso products, esp. the new Revenger Kit and many of you has been asking when it would be available. Here comes the good news: Your Revenger Kit would be shipping from next week on, available in Black, Blue and Red. Please reach out to your device supplier and get one!

    Enjoy this weekend and you may be spending the next weekend with the Revenger Kit!

    Vaporesso Revenger Kit, Above & Beyond!


  • by Eve Wang, 16 Jun 2017

    Important Pricing Statement

    Dear Valued Partners:

    It has came to our attention that recently the Revenger Kit has been available on various online sites at different pricing. At Vaporesso, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify that please follow the MSRP of Revenger Kit now available in Black/Red/Blue colors respectively. (http://www.vaporesso.com/kits-revenger-kit-vaporesso)

    It is exciting to see how popular the Revenger Kit is and we have every confidence that the vaper would find it very satisfactory, while we would like to remind you to buy from reliable channel. If there is any question on where to buy, it is hoped that the Global Partner at our official site could be helpful to find the authorized distribution partner in your region. ( http://www.vaporesso.com/global-partner-vaporesso /)

    If you have any questions regarding the pricing of Revenger Kit and or where to buy, please contact us at info@vaporesso.com and or eve.wang@smoorecig.com

    Thank you for continued support to Vaporesso.

    Vaporesso Marketing Team

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  • by Eve Wang, 16 May 2017

    Notification from Vaporesso CustomerCare Center

    In order to defend the recent global computer virus, our email service provider had upgraded the level of security rules, which caused higher email blocking rate during this period. Now the email is working fine again. If your email is not been replied in a long time, it might be blocked and please just re-send it to us so we can back to you sooner. Thanks for your support and understanding!

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  • by Eve Wang, 9 May 2017

    Find Vaporesso  on the Vape EXPO

    Meeting schedule No.1

  • by Eve Wang, 20 Apr 2017

    Vaporesso Firmware Installation Guidance

    Vaporesso Firmware Guidance


  • by Eve Wang, 31 Mar 2017

    Vaporesso Updated TPD Compliant and Notified Product Range

    Vaporesso is delighted to announce that our TPD compliant and notified product range has been updated to include the following products:
    Vaporesso ID  TPD Product ID 
    Guardian AIO 01110-16-10008
    Tarot Nano kit 01110-16-10006
    VECO ONE PLUS 01110-16-10010
    Aurora 01110-16-10012
    Nexus Kit 01110-16-10013
    VECO PLUS Tank 01110-16-20013
    Giant Triple 01110-16-20014
    Nex Elite 01110-16-10015

    We will continue to serve our distribution partners and vapers within EU with our fully TPD compliant and notified range. 

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  • by Eve Wang, 31 Mar 2017

    Invitation to VAPE SHENZHEN eCig Expo from the April 14-16, 2017

    Vaporesso at VAPE SHENZHEN eCig Expo 2017

    Vaporesso is proud to represent the brand in Shenzhen, China at 

    Vape Expo

  • by Eve Wang, 28 Mar 2017

    Eco Universal Coil, A New Game Changer to Vaping

    Here at Vaporesso, we spend countless hours researching and developing the most innovative technology for vapers to utilize. Our goal is to always develop the highest quality and most rewarding products on the market. In our determination to find the next best product that would change the vaping game again, while benefiting all vapers, we have come up with our EUC Eco Universal Coil. For those that have ever had issues changing coils on your vape tank, or for those that have encountered trouble finding the right match for your tank, we have your solution. We are very proud to present the EUC!


  • by Eve Wang, 15 Mar 2017

    The Tarot Nano Kit Just Got Smarter!  Check out the new tricks now

    Exciting news: not only there would be rainbow color introduced to Tarot Nano family, but also firmware upgrade is available for download now.