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By Eve Wang 9 May 2017

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Vaporesso Firmware Guidance


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Vaporesso is delighted to announce that our TPD compliant and notified product range has been updated to include the following products:
Vaporesso ID  TPD Product ID 
Guardian AIO 01110-16-10008
Tarot Nano kit 01110-16-10006
VECO ONE PLUS 01110-16-10010
Aurora 01110-16-10012
Nexus Kit 01110-16-10013
VECO PLUS Tank 01110-16-20013
Giant Triple 01110-16-20014
Nex Elite 01110-16-10015

We will continue to serve our distribution partners and vapers within EU with our fully TPD compliant and notified range. 

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Vaporesso at VAPE SHENZHEN eCig Expo 2017

Vaporesso is proud to represent the brand in Shenzhen, China at 


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Here at Vaporesso, we spend countless hours researching and developing the most innovative technology for vapers to utilize. Our goal is to always develop the highest quality and most rewarding products on the market. In our determination to find the next best product that would change the vaping game again, while benefiting all vapers, we have come up with our EUC Eco Universal Coil. For those that have ever had issues changing coils on your vape tank, or for those that have encountered trouble finding the right match for your tank, we have your solution. We are very proud to present the EUC!


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Exciting news: not only there would be rainbow color introduced to Tarot Nano family, but also firmware upgrade is available for download now. 

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Vaporesso is delighted to announce that our TPD Article 20.2 notifications has expanded into 16 more member states within European Union recently. Now our entire product range have been notified in the following 24 Member States:

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Vaporesso at the VAPEVENT NYC 2017


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Vaporesso is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the verification code system recently from the current scratch code to now a visible code.


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We've recently received a number of enquiries asking which Vaporesso coils fit into the various vaping kits and tanks from vapers worldwide. We are delighted to share our overview of Vaporesso Coil/Kit and Coil/Tank pairings.

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Distributors guide to Vaping

Learn what vape shops really want and how you can succeed by giving it to them

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