Vaporesso Gets Two Products Certified by UL Labs

    VAPORESSO is proud to announce that our products Tarot Nano and ZERO have passed the certification given by UL lab with the ANSI/CAN/UL 8139 standard for their trustworthy quality and guaranteed safety.


    With the first international standard for electronic cigarettes and evaporators, ANSI / CAN / UL8139, UL lab has helped many companies demonstrate the safety of their products, confirm the compliance of their production processes, increase the transparency of management, and protect brands image and reputation to help companies achieve sustainable development. Also, UL lab will also pay attention to the working environment issue and CSR, in this way to guide the company to develop in a positive direction.


    VAPORESSO has always been very strict in the quality requirements of products, which is why we have the lowest product rejection rate in the entire vaping market. Through the cooperation with UL lab to test our products, VAPORESSO has not only successfully passed all relevant tests and obtained relevant certificates, but also once again demonstrated to our customers that we are an international brand with confidence and ambitious goals through this global authoritative platform.


    During the close work with UL lab on ANSI / CAN / UL8139 standard, VAPORESSO also listened to the pertinent suggestions and opinions from UL lab, and carefully reviewed this valuable feedback, making them the strongest support for our follow-up product improvement and continuous innovation.


    For the products Tarot Nano and ZERO, these two devices are both designed to be user-friendly yet adopting many advanced technologies. The market performance of them is another convincing evidence to prove the efforts given by VAPORESSO.


    The mission of our company is focusing on building the world's leading atomization technology platform, Therefore, VAPORESSO will continue to deepen its cooperation with UL lab to create better, safer and more extraordinary vaping technologies for our customers.