Vaporesso Vape Band

Protect What’s Precious

Thanks to Vaporesso’s Vape Band you shall be able to safely carry your tanks and RTAs anywhere dwarfing the risk of ever shattering fragile parts, and do all that while boasting your “Vaporesso pride.”

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The Vaporesso Vape Band provides the following benefits:

  • complete_target_pro_tank.png

    Safeguards your Tanks and RTAs

  • reduced_friction-01.png

    Signifiantly increase the “grip” of your gear

  • size.png

    25x12mm size fits most Tanks or RTAs


Why use a vape band?


We love our vapes, and we know you do too!

In today’s busy world, it’s not uncommon for precious tanks to take a battering, as they’re always in your pocket, bag, backpack, or handbag.

With Vaporesso’s special rubberised Vape Band you’re protecting your vape and avoiding cracked tanks, spillages, and wear and tear.

Who knew that such a simple thing could save time, money, and extend the lives of our vapes?