WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Vaporesso's own revolutionary vape coils

Vape Coils

Our clients are delighted with our GT CORE vape coils which feature incredibly powerful performance. They are available in traditional cotton and signature CCELL Ceramic in different resistances, from GT 2 all the way up to GT 8. Gear Up with GT Cores as you desire! With this incredible piece of kit, we have re-invented the traditional atomizer with a vape coil system that is faster and simpler.

We are also very proud of our CCELL ceramic vape coils. Made from porous ceramic, the CCELL coil can handle extremely high temperatures which give more vapor and a pure taste, unlike cotton wicks which may spoil your hit due to burning.

Try the CCELL and we are sure you will agree with us, there is no better coil with regards to taste or performance. Once tried, you will never go back!

Vape Coil FAQs

What is a vape coil?

The vape coil is part of the atomizer that turns your e-juice into vapor. The coil is the element which heats up the juice. The coil itself is wrapped in wicking material which absorbs the juice. The coil draws power from the battery and converts it to heat.

What are the best vape coils?

The best vape coil for big clouds is definitely the GT8 coil, designed specifically for cloud chasing. The best coil for flavor is the GT Meshed coil, designed to deliver full flavorful hits everytime. The longest lasting coil is the GT CCELL coil which has a long life ceramic wicking system. The best for budget conscious vapers is our EUC coils which offer great quality at exceptional value.

How often should you replace your vape coil?

Generally speaking a standard vape coil will last 1-2 weeks. You can prolong your coil by cleaning it regularly and being sure to prime it for first use and then again after each cleaning.

Why are my vape coils burning?

The main cause of burnt coils is drying out of the coil, which means not enough juice has been absorbed by the coil. Properly priming before first use is a good first step to ensure your coil doesn't dry out and then making sure you have plenty of juice in the tank.

How to clean vape coils?

To clean your coil, first soak it in vinegar or vodka for a couple of hours. Then rinse thoroughly with water and again with distilled water. Using a hair dryer to blow on the open side of the coil will help the water get into the wicking holes and clear out more juice residue. After cleaning you must allow the coil to dry completely before using again.

How much are vape coils?

The price of a vape coil varies from $10 to $25 for a quality coil suitable for a modern vape mod device. You can spend more or less than that, but that's a good range to expect.

How to prime a vape coil?

Once you have installed your new coil you should prime it to ensure proper functioning and a longer life span. Step one is to drop 1 or 2 juice in side-holes of the coil and keep it for more than 10 mins or to to soak coil in juice for about 10 minutes Step two is to close up all the air holes, take a couple of 'dry hits' without turning on the device It will help suck more juice into the coil. Lastly, it is also good practive to break in a new coil by using it on a lower wattage to start with and only turning up the wattage after you've taken a new hits at the lower wattage.

How to change a vape coil?

To change your coil unscrew the atomizer head from the mod and then unscrew the tank itself and remove the remaining e-juice. Then you can unscrew the used coil from the stem of the atomizer and replace with the new one. Don't forget to prime the new coil before attaching to the tank again. All atomizer heads are a little different so you may want to consult the instructions that came with your device.