CCELL Ceramic Vape Coils

Once you go CCELL you’ll never go back.

Vaporesso’s CCELL vape coils are a real game changer.

The revolutionary porous ceramic coils deliver the truest taste of your e-juice in comparison to cotton wicks which can taint your hit as it is easy to burn out.

CCELL can handle higher heats than competing coils, producing more vapour and a true taste, untainted by any unpleasant burning.


The CCELL is truly beyond the ordinary, providing better performance than standard coils and is highly compatible, working with almost any standard tank or kit.
Try the CCELL and enjoy its taste and performance. You won’t go back!

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CCELL Vape Coils were developed to provide:

  • no_spitting.png

    A non spit experience

  • no_dry_hits.png

    No dry hits

  • leak_free_design.png

    Far more durable coils with a longer life cycle

  • max_flavour.png

    True taste

  • black_and_stainless_steel.png

    Available in different metals to suit your preferences

  • safety.png

    ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety


Which tanks
use CCELL?


Gemini Tank
ORC Tank
Target PRO Tank

Which tanks

Guardian Tank

CCELL-3C: Fit for a Giant!

Vaporesso’s CCELL-3C is fit to function with our Giant Dual Tank and deliver the MOST from our CCELL technology

The 3C is a triple coil atomizer with a resistance of 0.15, the lowest most mods can read, it allows for thick clouds produced at a high range of power. Massive amount of vapor with a pure untainted taste at reasonable temperature is the prize for choosing this gem

CCELL-3C was developed to provide:

  • More Vapor

    More Vapor

  • The lowest atomizer resistance (0.5 : 3 = 0.15)

    The lowest atomizer resistance (0.5 : 3 = 0.15)

  • Pure taste and a longer lifecycle thanks to the CCELL technology

    Pure taste and a longer lifecycle thanks to the CCELL technology

  • Full airflow system to avoid excessive heating

    Full airflow system to avoid excessive heating

  • Wide juice-flow system for high VG liquids

    Wide juice-flow system for high VG liquids

  • A perfect match for the POWERFUL MODS you don’t get to “put to the test”

    A perfect match for the POWERFUL MODS you don’t get to “put to the test”

  • ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety

    ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety


Which tanks use CCELL-3C?


Giant Dual Tank


How is CCELL technology developed?

We believe advancement on foundational technology especially on the heating element is the natural urge for the industry to evolve. In the past few years, we have invested heavily on the study of alternative vaporizing material and structural innovation, in order to achieve better vaping experience for the consumers. The ceramic material technology we were in cooperated research program with top institutes on new material only matured in this year. We will only present technologies and products that can endure the most rigorous test in this industry and that can communicate the message of being a responsible manufacturer.

Does the CCELL contain any cotton at all?

The CCELL heating element is completely wickless. But there is a piece of organic cotton around outside of the ceramic, but not against the heating wire. It acts as a gasket to protect the ceramic and ensure a tight seal between the ceramic and the metal shell and prevent leakage. The heating process is happened within the ceramic cylinder.

What’s the structure of the CCELL?

The heating element is hard ceramic; it has a micro porous structure so the juice works its way in through the pores to the wire. The heating wire is casted inside the ceramic with a sheet of organic cotton to sit between the hard ceramic and hard metal shell, which is used for anti-leakage. The ceramic coil maximizes the efficiency of e-liquid absorption and heating, it produce the same level of vapor at a lower wattage setting compared to most mainstream coils, with extra benefic of no spitting, no dry hit, self cleaning, better flavor and a longer lifecycle.

Does the ceramic puts off toxins at high temperatures?
The ceramic itself contain no hazardous chemical that can be approved by the components test for material safety. Just to clarify, there are thousands different type of ceramic, and our ceramic with unique formula is manufactured in the high temperature sintering process up to 1000。C; it is completely safe in high temperature conditions, will not release any toxins and particles. MSDS
Does the CCELL ceramic heating element will produce any dust during normal usage of vaping?

During the normal use the heating element is protected by hard metal shell, so it will not be cracked or dissolved into dust. The ceramic will stay coherent in normal use; it doesn't crumble unless subjected to force. And there's no force being applied when vaping.

What the recommended wattage setting for CCELL?

The best wattage to use cCELL is 35 watt. It produces best flavor and be able to produce huge vapor.

Does the CCELL coil compatible with any other tanks?

The CCELL is compatible with Trition tanks, Altantis Tanks, ijust 2 Tanks, vapeston Maganus, freemax starre, anyvape Sega sub Tank, EleafMelo, Sense Tech Herakles, etc.