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If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to grow a business in the vape industry, there are a few things you should know about the business that can help better prepare you for the road ahead.

Luckily, the vape market is full of like-minded entrepreneurs who have walked that same road and can provide some valuable insights into this incredibly dynamic and fast-growing industry.

So, with this in mind, here's some advice on how you, the vape entrepreneur, can make your entry into the vape market a smoother ride.


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The State of Vaping at Retail

By Eve Wang 2 Sep 2016

For the last few years, in the surging height of vaping’s flurry into the market, vape shops have enjoyed what could easily be termed ‘golden years’. The industry itself has come into its own in the last decade with multitudes of retailer benefits over the ‘gas station’ tobacco industry - the most profound of which has probably been the comfort of a space for unchallenged innovation in the industry, with independent vape retailers and distributors running the show as a result.


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5 Tips For Vaping To Quit Smoking

By Eve Wang 30 Aug 2016

Are you ready to make the switch from smoking? The vaping industry has sparked a monumental rise in conscious awareness over the health related issues of smoking. All across the world, millions of people are making the switch to vaping for reasons that very actively pertain to the health of their habit.

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Advanced vaping might sound like a final year university course - a requisite on your way to vaping mastery. But it’s really not. It’s just a term indicating that there are some elements to vaping that require some in-depth knowledge in order to both get started with and to begin exploring…

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Whether you’ve just landed in the vaping playground from having quit smoking or from a purely recreational desire to try something new - welcome. The vaping community is a pretty fun place, we think. It’s a place filled with the air of freedom - freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom for enjoyment. If you like the sound of any of those things, then you’ll like the vaping experience, a lot.


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Vaping 101: A Look At E-Cigs

By Eve Wang 10 Aug 2016

Vaping - as in short for vapourizing - is a form of nicotine intake whereby the ‘vaper’ inhales a vapour through what is known as an electronic cigarette. It’s not smoking, as with smoking the smoker is inhaling nicotine together with smoke produced by burning tobacco in a cigarette. With e-cigarettes, nicotine is found in trace elements in the vapour produced by the vape.


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In what would seem to be a fitting theme for a smoking debacle, the issue of big tobacco companies being at war with vaping is currently shrouded in controversy - or smoke.

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There is currently a lot of debate surrounding e-cigarettes and the new Federal Drug Administration regulations that have been expanded to bring e-cigarettes into the fold of the existing tobacco regulations.


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Relationships impact every part of life and should therefor take high priority. In business, however, the relationship between a company and its customers often gets downgraded to a set of numbers and figures. Companies lose the intimacy and trust needed to weather demanding economic conditions and, in the end, lose valuable customers.

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The vaporizer industry is characterized by high degrees of new product introductions, relatively short product life cycles, high levels of competition, and the required speed to market.


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Distributors guide to Vaping

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