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Heavy Metals in Vapes?! No.

By Eve Wang 26 Mar 2018

Have you been listening to the media lately and have concerns over heavy metals in your vape? Well you should be! We should all be concerned about things related to our health. This is why we wanted to show you some of the information the media is not giving you because it doesn’t drive traffic their way. As always please remember to consult a doctor if you are having any medical issues but this should help to clear up some of the Heavy Metal reports.


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Show the benefits of E-cigarettes

By Eve Wang 6 Mar 2018

Public Health England (PHE) has issued a detailed report examining the health implications of e-cigarette use. Titled “Evidence Review of E-cigarettes and Heated Tobacco Products 2018”


Topics: Vaping Trends, Vaping

Distributors guide to Vaping

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