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Advanced Vaping: 5 Safety Tips for Sub Ohm Vaping

The growing interest in sub ohm vaping, has sparked remarkable advancements in vape technology. Gone are the days where your epic pursuit for puffing bigger clouds meant dismantling your ‘for emergencies only’ torch...

Advanced Vaping?

The new tech has enabled anyone within the legal smoking age the ability to buy powerful mods from almost anywhere in the world, with a click of a mouse. But with great power comes great responsibility, and that fancy little box in your pocket contains batteries that could detonate uncomfortably close to your face. We offer some advanced vaping tips on how you can ensure complete sub ohm safety.


What is sub ohm Vaping?

what is sub ohm vaping

For those of you are new to sub ohming, here is a quick break down. To put it simply, it is e-smoking on a device that uses atomizer coils with a resistance lower than one ohm (hence the name). The benefits of sub ohm vaping, huge clouds and great taste, are certainly no secret, and they're the key reason why sub ohming has become so popular.

Although it might sound simple, it actually involves a little bit of hassle and potential hazards. There are certainly a lot of concerns regarding sub ohm safety. After all, do you think it would be a good idea to you jump on a Harley Davidson without first knowing how to drive it?  That’s why the goal of this guide is to make sure you have accurate information on what sub ohming involves and how you can do it safely.


Sub ohm Safety Tips

Advanced vaping tips on sub ohm safety

1. Beginners should use regulated mods

Using a regulated box mod is the safest way to enjoy the fascinating benefits of sub ohming with significantly less risk. Regulated mods are a popular option for beginner and intermediate vapers. These mods allow the wattage sent to the coil to be easily adjusted, regardless of its resistance level. Their circuitry is installed with various safety measures, such as the prevention of electric shorts that could damage your battery. However, this doesn’t mean regulated mods are completely safe. As with any electronic device, malfunction is always a possibility, and it is important that you make sure you have a quality mod that is handled with the utmost care.

2. Be on high-alert when using mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are generally used by more experienced vapers. Unlike regulated mods, they have no circuits so wattage/voltage cannot be adjusted. This makes keeping them safe a lot more complicated. The battery sends all of its power to the coil and as the battery weakens, and so does the voltage received by the coil. The only way to affect wattage with mechanical mods is to use coils with varying resistances. But use extreme caution when building coils! Before using a coil, the resistance of the coil must always be checked with an ohm meter. If the circuit is shorting, your battery is at serious risk of damage or catching a light.

Another important safety measure for using mechanical mods is to make sure that the air vents work. If the battery is compromised, these air holes allow heat and gasses to escape the device. It is really important that they are functioning in case anything goes wrong. To check if they are working, remove the batteries and blow into the mod from the end of the connection.

3. Vape battery safety

Batteries can quickly become small sticks of TNT. If your mod’s battery is pushed beyond its limit, the battery can vent, meaning the battery will leak dangerous and highly explosive chemicals. There are a few essential points to note to ensure the safety of the batteries:

  • Use the correct batteries. Always use proper high-quality batteries that are suited to sub ohm vape sessions. Rechargeable 18650 batteries are the most popular to use for sub ohming and are relatively affordable and easy to find.
  •  Regularly check the condition of your battery. If you can’t monitor the condition of your batteries, then it is suggested that you avoid using batteries all together. Rather consider buying a box mod which is a high power battery pack that also regulates the flow of electricity going both in and out.
  • Never carry batteries loose in your pocket. If the batteries touch each other, or any metallic items such as coins or keys, they can break down which can cause them to can leak or even – yes you guessed it- set a light. Rather get a battery holder, if you are going to be carrying your extra batteries around.


4. Monitoring resistance

In order to maintain a high level of safety and prevent damaging your equipment, it is important to use sub ohm resistance carefully. When it comes to batteries, never exceed your battery amps. This is the most important rule of battery safety. Use the following equation: Amps = Voltage / Resistance. Don’t let it put you off, it’s actually quite simple. You will need to use a multimeter to find the voltage of your battery, and coil’s resistance (the coil’s resistance can vary, so use the given figure plus or minus 0.2 ohms). Also, don’t use a cheap multi-meter for measuring sub ohm resistances- you need your measurements to be as accurate as possible. To help you with this process you can also use a free online calculator such as steam engine . If the results exceed the amp rating of your battery, you’ll have to use a coil with a higher resistance.


5. Test, and then test again.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can get away with only testing your coil once. You make a coil, test it, and it’s perfectly fine. But it won’t stay fine forever.  Regularly check your coils using an ohm reader to make sure they are still 100% safe to use. Also frequently change your batteries, and if you notice your E-cig warming up when you are not using it, your coil may have short circuited somewhere and is extracting juice from your battery.

A little awareness of the basics of sub ohm safety can go a long way. Even the simplest mods have the potential for serious consequences if used incorrectly. In order to sub ohm safely make sure to be diligent and extremely careful when using any sub ohm device. Other than that, enjoy chasing the clouds.


Do you have any questions regarding safety for sub ohm vaping? Do have any general questions about vaping? Leave a comment below and we'll gladly assist!


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