Explore Vaporesso's range of vape mods and batteries to power your vapes!

Vape Mods & Batteries

E-juice will taste different depending on the temperature you vape at, so at Vaporesso we manufacture a diverse range of innovative batteries and vaping mods so you can vary the voltage and wattage to find the most satisfying setting for you personally.

Vaporesso offers an extensive range of vape batteries from the extremely powerful yet compact Tarot Nano Mod, to the Target Pro Vape Mod which boasts a fabulous sleek ergonomic design and literally hundreds of customizable options to gratify even the most serious vaper.

Not only are they fully customizable, but our rechargeable batteries are also extremely cost effective. Vaping on the go? You can easily switch to a charged battery if you run out of power and put them on recharge when you get home.