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Explore Vaporesso's range of vape mods and batteries to power your vapes!

Vape Mods & Batteries

E-juice will taste different depending on the temperature you vape at, so at Vaporesso we manufacture a diverse range of innovative batteries and vaping mods so you can vary the voltage and wattage to find the most satisfying setting for you personally.

Vaporesso offers an extensive range of vape batteries from the extremely powerful yet compact Tarot Nano Mod, to the Target Pro Vape Mod which boasts a fabulous sleek ergonomic design and literally hundreds of customizable options to gratify even the most serious vaper.

Not only are they fully customizable, but our rechargeable batteries are also extremely cost effective. Vaping on the go? You can easily switch to a charged battery if you run out of power and put them on recharge when you get home.

Vape Mod FAQs

What are vape mods?

Vape Mods are so called because they are a modification of the traditional ecigarette or vape pen. Vape mods are modified to include bigger batteries for more power, and so more heat, and to accommodate larger tanks so you can vape longer and generate larger clouds. Modern vape mods also have many advanced features you won't find on your garden variety ecigarette.

What is the best vape mod for beginners?

The best vape mod for beginners is the Target Mini 2 or Luxe Nano. Both these mods deliver plenty of power, great flavor, and are simple and uncomplicated to use.

How do vape mods work?

Vape mods contain the battery and circuitry required to heat up the coil which is what vaporizes the the e-juice. Modern mods provide a great deal of control over the wattage used and the temperature of the coil for the perfect draw. Mechanical mods are just as they sound, rather than having an electronic circuit, when you fire up a mechnical mod you are literally connecting the battery to the coil mechanically.

How much are vape mods?

Vape mods vary in cost from around $30 to $90. You can certainly find cheaper and more expensive, but that is a good range to expect if you want to buy a good quality mid to high range mod. Vape pens and pod devices are often cheaper.

What to do with old vape mods?

Do not throw your old mod into the trash or landfill. Check if your local vape store will accept it and ensure that the component parts are recycled as much as possible. We also recommend that users check local regulations or contact local household disposal services and/or recycling facilities for responsible disposal and recycling to reduce potential impacts on human health and the environment.

How long do vape mods last?

The batteries in modern vape mods generally last 300 to 500 cycles depending on the quality. Most mods these days use 18650 batteries, and a cycle means charging it up to 4.2 volts and then depleting the charge to 2.6-2.8 volts before charging again. If you get a mod with removable batteries you will be able to replace these and keep using the device itself indefinitely.

Which vape mod should I buy?

The best vape mod to buy does depend on your specific requirements. For big clouds you should buy the Luxe S or the ever popular Gen mod. The best for flavorful vaping is the Gen or the Luxe S. If you are on a budget then you can't go past the Swag, and if you are a first timer we suggest the Drizzle Fit or Target Mini 2.

What is a box mod vape?

Box mod is a term given to describe the larger mods which usually have room for one or two replaceable batteries , or sometimes a built in battery. They are known as box mods due to the shape, which his often boxy, though some modern mods do offer more ergonomic shapes.