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All you need to know about choosing the right vape battery

There's more to consider than meets the eye when it comes to vaping. Sure, it's easy enough to pick up a basic vaping pen, fill the tank up with you favourite e-juice and get going, but most vapers like to delve a little deeper and customise their vape. From altering nicotine levels and trying different flavours, to modifying coils and tanks to get the perfect hit, vaping can be a hobbyists deam if you care to get involved. One thing newcomers to vaping don't often think about are the kinds of batteries you use. If that sounds like you, read on...

Making the switch to vape modding

Many vapers will be content to vape away their time with standard pre-built kits, and that's fine -there are many fantastic vape kits on the market to get you started. But after a while, the likelihood is that you'll want to tailor your experience somewhat to chase the hit. That's when you should starting thinking about 'modding'. Whether you're looking for mouth-to-lung, direct-to-lung, sub-ohm or a style of their own (check here for our guide on vaping techniques), it all starts with modding. Don't be intimidated though - modding is simply a case of combining various components to make a unique vape kit that isn't readily available off-the-shelf, and thousands of us do it. It's where the real fun starts.

The importance of choosing the right vape battery

Of all the things you can modify in your vape kit, not many people think about what vape battery they're going to use. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it wasn't too important - that all you had to worry about were wicks, coils and tanks, but you'd also be quite wrong. The battery is one of the most pivotal parts of the vaping experience.

To understand why, you need to get a little scientific. First, check the amperage of your vape battery. This effectively determines how much current the battery can output at any given time, commonly referred to as its 'load'. A big load (higher currents) will allow you to vape faster or take nice, long and slow draws to create maginificent clouds. If that's your goal, go for a high amperage. The other main number you need to understand is the mAh, or 'milli-amp hours'. This effectively determines the capacity of the battery and the amount of time it will last between charges. If you travel a lot and find yourself in need of powerpoints too often, a higher mAh battery will work wonders. They're usually slightly more expensive as vape batteries go, but the convenience is worth it if you're on the road a lot.

The acclaimed 18650 battery

If you've gotten into a chat with some vaping mates at the bar, they've probably mentioned this vape battery to you at some point. Almost all vapers start with a built-in battery as part of a vape pen or similar. This is totally fine, but they will degrade over time and you'll eventually have to buy a new kit. The 18650 is gives you more control over your vape and is also detachable and replacable. The reason it's talked about so much is because it seems to have the right balance of mAh and amperage for most vapers at an attractive price point, and is often a good 'stepping stone' into the world of modding. 

Are you new to vape mods? Perhaps you're a veteran and would like to share some information on vape battery choice and how to get the best experience? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.