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Best E-Juice Brand in UK: Meet The Award Winners

When you are shelling out your hard-earned money on whatever product or service, the ultimate goal is to gain as much satisfaction from the purchase as you can. This is no different in the case of e-juice. Especially e-juice!


While all e-liquids have the same basic ingredients, the end product in terms of satisfaction is as different as a swimming bird and a flying fish – even in the case of e-liquids of a similar flavour profile.


A satisfying vape juice is one that strikes the perfect balance between flavour, throat hit and vapour, although this will largely depend on the type of e-liquid you are using. PG-based juices are big on flavour and throat hit, while their opposite number (VG e-liquids) deliver on the vapour department. But e-liquid satisfaction is not all about balancing these three equation factors.

For instance, a PG juice might taste out of this world but fall short on the exhale aspect. This is not to mean it is below average. Rather, it has more to do with the higher quantity of propylene glycol in the juice.


Similarly, a 100% VG e-liquid will be absolutely immense when it comes to cloud production, but you could have a hard time picking out any flavours. This is because vegetable glycerine is not a good carrier of flavour.


In short, a satisfying vape juice is one that brings out the best of the ingredients used in its composition.


Often the case, however, the flavour profile is a big factor, if not the biggest factor, in evaluating how good an e-liquid really is. It is the index that helps us draw a line between the best-in-class and run-of-the-mine e-juice offerings out there. Choosing the right vape juice.



Clear Distinctions

One thing that distinguishes great-tasting e-liquids from average ones is that the flavour tends to be both rich and memorable. And for any one e-liquid to mark itself out as one of the best is quite a feat considering the cut-throat competition in this segment.


But the thing about top e-liquids is that they are more than just about the quality. They strive to be unique while adequately ticking the user satisfaction check box.


In the same way a good wine or chocolate serves the taste buds with a plethora of notes swinging from robust to subtle, the best e-liquids are able to tease your senses by making the underlying flavour notes pop in all sorts of harmonious ways. And they extend their taste beyond the base flavours.


To use the wine reference again, they are like a fine wine versus good-tasting grape juice. While both start with a grape at the base (and taste great), the wine goes one better by giving the palate more to savour.


All Flavours are not Equal

One of the best things about switching to vaping is the number of e-liquid flavours available to you. Check out our e-juice 101 post.


Most vapers start out with a few flavours that probably came bundled together with their starter kit. With time, however, majority feel the need to fly out and see what else lies out there with regard to tastes and flavours.


But with such a deluge of flavours, flavour combos and other e-liquid elements to factor in, for beginners, the outing may quickly morph into a head-scratching errand when it comes to narrowing down the best e-juice brand in the UK, let alone selecting the perfect juice and/or flavour.


The fact that similar flavours from different brands are anything but similar in taste doesn’t help matters either.


For instance, a strawberry-mango blend from Brand A can carry an entirely different taste from a strawberry-mango fusion from Brand B, bar a few on-the-surface similarities. Considering the wealth of brands out there, this only serves to confound things the more.


In other words, for the discerning tongue, the brand is a biggie when shopping for flavours.


Does Price Matter?

In a word, yes.


When it comes to vaping, as with wine, most experienced vapers will tell you that you get what you pay for.


Being overly tight-fisted will rarely get you results in this sport because chances are you’ll end up with downmarket vaping products. More than that, some of these products could turn out to be uneconomic, poor value buys – and this applies to both e-liquids and vaping hardware.


However, as much as price is often a good measure of quality, what you also don’t want is to pay for your e-juice supplies through the nose. And don’t we all want to save a quid or two…


Besides, one of the appeals of vaping for some of us, especially the heavy smokers, was the promise that vaping is significantly more economical than smoking.


Luckily, while premium e-liquids will usually carry a steeper price tag than your ordinary juice, many brands run occasional deals that allow you to stock up on your favourite flavours without dropping major coin.


Furthermore, deals like these are a chance to expand your tastes as you build up your e-liquid collection.


So, if you love Happy Hour as much as we do, don’t forget to patrol the digital aisle that is the Vape Deals or Clearance section of your supplier if you want to score some discounts along the way.



The Best E-Juice Brand in the UK

For anyone who may be wondering what the best e-juice brand in the UK is, we decided to save you the trouble by compiling a list of the top names, along with a few of their flavours that have been making the waves for all the good reasons.


We based this off of online reviews as well as e-liquids that have proved a hit with the vaping community. But we also made sure to try them out ourselves to see what the furore is all about.


And here are the names that made the cut.


1. AquaVape

AquaVape is a British vape company that deals in both hardware and e-liquids.


The brand was recently voted among the best in the UK by T3 tech magazine, making an entry at Number 3 in a Top 10 list of best e-liquids in the UK, and the best when it comes to Menthol e-liquids.


But considering the brand develops its own unique flavours in conjunction with a local flavouring house that has been in existence for well over a century, this should not come as a big surprise to the loyal legion of vapers who swear by AquaVape e-liquids.


The supplier carries a wide scope of flavours, but two in particular that are a definite must-try are:


The Wild Berry flavour by AquaVape is perfection personified. It is an amalgamation of juicy wild berries that is certain to take your taste buds on a wild expedition filled with unexpected discoveries and satisfying twists, culminating in memorable fashion.


Given the popularity of this flavour, the brand has gone to great lengths to ensure vapers across the board are catered for.


For instance, if you are a sucker for amazing flavours, the 0mg blend should prove a great revelation.

Heavy smokers are covered by the 20mg Salt Nic version and should you find that inadequate, the AquaVape Wild Berry is also available as a salt nic in the shape of the Nano Disposable (their version of the Juul) as well as a 20mg salt nic vape pen dubbed the Click & Vape Pod.


The fact that the flavour comes in a blend of 50/50 PG/VG also makes it an ideal entry point for anyone venturing into vaping.


Another trademark offering from AquaVape, their Menthol line of e-liquids is the cat’s meow for menthol and minty flavour enthusiasts in the UK.


Also available in a 50 VG/PG base, this is the range that grabbed best menthol in the T3 list of best e-liquids UK 2019.


It comes in a slew of five flavours namely, Cherry Menthol, Fresh Menthol, Fruit Menthol, Ice Mint, and Raspberry Menthol.


You will also find it in a Salt Nic and the Click & Vape pod offerings, as well as a 70VG/30PG shortfill 0mg e-liquid ideal for cloud chasing.


2. Vampire Vape

Famous for their unique cognomen and enchanting packaging as they are for their wonderfully rich and complex flavours, Vampire Vape has carved a name for themselves as one of the best e-juice brand in the UK.


The British e-liquid maker produces some of the bestselling e-liquids on these shores, with 15 million bottles of e-liquid sold in 2018 alone. With 6 years of operation in 2019, the company has clearly followed the quality over quantity mantra by constraining itself to no more than 12 flavours.


Indeed, their efforts have not gone unnoticed as the brand has scooped up multiple awards over the years, with two flavours in particular proving quite a hit with the vaping community.


Vampire Vape describes its Heisenberg flavour as ‘the Daddy of all-day vapes’.


The powers that be at Vampire Vape are evidently trying to give the likes of Coca Cola and Colonel Sanders’ KFC a run for their money by ensuring their e-liquid formula remains a closely-guarded secret. But you don’t need to worry as, like every other brand listed here, the company is TPD compliant.


What is known of Heisenberg’s genetic composition is that it is a potpourri of flavours that ooze subtle fruity undertones that precede a cool crystal kick.


It comes in all nicotine strengths, spanning from 0mg to 18mg, the maximum permitted in the UK. Heisenberg e-liquid is also available in Nic Salt in two variants, 10mg and 20mg.


The KonceptXIX - Heisenberg is an e-juice that brings together two of the most famous names in the UK vaping scene.


Unsurprisingly, the union has culminated in another unforgettable product, this one a perfect candidate for cloud creation.


The 80VG e-liquid comes in a 50ml short fill bottle, which gives you an extra allowance of 10ml to spike it with a 10ml nic shot of choice.


3. Nasty Juice

Anyone who has tried Malaysian e-liquids will admit they are quite something when it comes to pulling out unique flavours.


This is no different in the case of Nasty Juice, one of the top e-liquid manufacturers in the exotic Southeast Asian country. The brand is most notable for adding their own twist to regular flavours, giving the vaping world unique flavour profiles you cannot find anyplace else.


They have quite a number of popular names in their collection, a few of which also appeared on the 2019 T3 list, but one that totally blew us off is this great guy:


Cush Man is as tropical as tropical mango e-liquids go. We know there are more than enough mango flavours to go around, but they’ve got nothing on Cush Man.

Cush Man comes off the Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity series and it’s yummy in every sense of the word. The flavour washes all over the taste buds, hijacking them with an underlying luscious tropical sweetness and an aftertaste that’s faintly tart.

The 50ml shortfill e-liquid is infused with a hint of mint, giving the juice a menthol twist which gives you a nice kick without being overbearing.


Nasty Juice Cush Man is mixed to 70VG/30PG and has gained accolades for being extremely smooth to the point it feels like 80VG.


It is available in three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.

A definite must-try for mango flavour diehards.


4. Ossem Juice

If there was a vaping equivalent of the BAFTA Awards, Ossem Juice would be a regular top contender in the Best Art Direction and Costume Design (Colour) categories – only that 1. Ossem Juice is a Malaysian brand and 2. Obviously this is not film we are talking about.


Nevertheless, Ossem Juice remains a top choice where it matters most – in vaping circles.


This is another Malaysian brand that prides itself in being different (in a good way). They know it too; in fact, they strive to be. That is why you’ll have to cough extra for that special uniqueness.


But you if you can swing it, Ossem Juice offerings are a nice way to spoil yourself every once in a way. Or send as a special surprise gift to a fellow vaper.


The world of Ossem is sub-divided into four categories: Fruity, Mixed, Summer and Tobacco Premium. You can’t go wrong with either one, depending on where your cravings lie. But there is one special flavour we would encourage every vaper to try at least once in their lifetime.


The Raging Fury flavour comes off Ossem’s Fruit range. It is a powerful blend of two tropical fruits – jackfruit and pineapple – perfect for sunny days or when driving around with the top down, going about your errands.


But it also makes for a perfect all-day vape because this rich unique mash-up of flavours is one of those sweet fruity vapes that are simply just difficult to get enough of, no matter how hard you go on them.


However, it probably would be in your best interests to exercise a little bit of restraint in this case because not only would you be risking a bad case of vaper’s tongue (which would no doubt be a bummer) but your wallet could be left wincing ouch.


Ossem Raging Fury (Jackfruit & Pineapple) is available in a 50ml shortfill bottle in a 70VG/30PG mix, and promises thick white plumes with a crazy amazing flavour. It comes in a 0-6mg nic strength and a cooling booster is part of the package for when you desire a cooler hit.


The Jackfruit & Pineapple combo is available in the UK via the AquaVape store where you can also conveniently access other flavours from the Ossem brand without having to wait for weeks to get your supplies while incurring extra costs in the name of shipping.