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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best e Juice Recipes of 2020

When you make your own e juice mixtures, you have more control over the outcome. For example, if you want to create a juice that produces bigger vape clouds, you can tailor the mixture to achieve that. Alternately, you can create it to have a sweeter or stronger flavor, and you can customize or experiment with combinations of e juice flavors. There are plenty of great vape juice recipes online to get you started.best-e-juice-recipes


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What You Need to Make Your Own e Juices


You'll need some base ingredients and supplies to start. Although there are DIY vape juice kits online, some may not have the specific things you want. It's better to purchase the specific base liquids and supplies that you need. These are the basic items that you'll need to get started:


  • Propylene glycol dilutant.
  • Vegetable glycerin dilutant.
  • Several 3 ml pipettes.
  • A 10 ml measuring syringe and 14 gauge blunt-tip needles.
  • A graduated cylinder and a few beakers.
  • Glass bottles with caps.
  • Flavor concentrates.
  • Nicotine solution or nic salt.
  • Nitrile safety gloves and a calculator.

Nicotine is optional. It is often chemically bound to PG or VG in a base, and you'll see it mentioned in recipes. Since undiluted nicotine can be dangerous if measured or handled improperly, it is better to purchase a diluted nicotine solution.


PG and VG are the main base substances in every mixture. If you prefer to have them mixed already, there are premade base mixtures. However, purchasing them separately gives you more freedom to test ratios to see what suits your tastes better. There are also PG and VG mixtures with nicotine.


Since glass bottles don't hold smells between uses, they're ideal for vape juices. Plastic bottles will also work but may retain smells or hints of flavors. The syringes and blunt-tip needles are important for precision, and the beakers and cylinder are useful. While some vape supply stores sell calculators for mixing juices, you can use an app as well.


The e-juice flavor concentrates can be any flavors of your choice. You may find sets of flavor concentrates that provide a decent variety and value. As you learn and develop recipes, you'll likely find which specific flavors and brands appeal to you.


Best e Juice Recipes


There are plenty of great places to find e juice recipes online. To ensure that you're getting some good suggestions, the recipes in the upcoming sections are based on positive user reviews or ratings.


Best Tobacco e Juice Recipes


If you prefer a mixture with tobacco, these are two recipes that you may like.


Goofy's Juice


This is a dessert and tobacco fusion recipe, which comes from e-liquid-recipes.com. ELR is one of the top recipe submission and rating sites. With this recipe, the creator suggests steeping it for 20 days. The recipe has a solid five-star rating that's based on more than 280 votes from people who tried it. These are the ingredient measurements for Goofy's Juice:

  • 50 ml of nicotine juice that is 50/50 PG/VG at 12 mg strength.
  • 18.20 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 25 ml of VG dilutant.
  • .30 ml of acetyl pyrazine 5% solution.
  • .50 ml of graham cracker flavor.
  • 1 ml of hazelnut flavor.
  • 1 ml of peanut butter flavor.
  • 4 ml of RY4 double flavor.

RY4 double is a tobacco flavor that has notes of caramel, and some people say that there are faint hints of fruit as well. If you're not familiar with acetyl pyrazine, it's used to enhance the flavor of tobacco juice. Many people say that it brings out nutty or bready flavors without adding harshness.


Smoking Snake


This recipe doesn't include nicotine juice. If you've weaned off nicotine or prefer your juices without it, this is an excellent tobacco-based recipe. It has almost all five-star ratings on 99 Juices. These are the ingredient measurements:

  • 3.38 ml of PG without nicotine.
  • 5 ml of VG without nicotine.
  • .51 ml of Bavarian cream flavor.
  • .2 ml of honeydew flavor.
  • .71 ml of pear flavor.
  • .2 ml of RY4 double flavor.

The maker of this recipe recommends steeping the liquid for 24 hours before you use it.


Best Menthol e Juice Recipes


It can be tough to find menthol recipes with a lot of reviews. However, these are some of the top-rated recipes for 2020.


Andre's Mate


The maker of this recipe notes that it's similar to Bowden's Mate. It's available on ELR. Based on the notes, you can tell that the creator spent a lot of time and effort trying different ratios and combinations to find the closest recipe to the desired product. Since it has a five-star rating, it seems that other users are satisfied as well. These are the ingredient measurements:

  • 1.80 ml of nicotine juice in 100% PG at 100 mg strength.
  • 7.88 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 18 ml of VG dilutant.
  • .45 ml of French vanilla cream flavor.
  • .15 ml of koolada 10% flavor.
  • .15 ml of menthol flavor.
  • .75 ml of milk chocolate flavor.
  • .53 ml of peppermint flavor.
  • .30 ml of vanilla custard flavor.

If you're familiar with Bowden's Mate and want to replicate it as this recipe creator did, you may want to carefully read the recipe notes and use the same brands of flavors for optimal results. The mixture of menthol is enough to add the hint that you're looking for if you like menthol, and the koolada adds a kick of extra coolness without overloading you with minty flavor.


Dragon's Blood


DIY Vapor created this recipe, which features blood orange and dragonfruit flavors. As a complex mix, it also includes several others. It's a good choice if you prefer a nicotine-free menthol juice. The video is in the previous link, and this is the accompanying recipe on 99 Juices:

  • 3.1 ml of PG without nicotine.
  • 5 ml of VG without nicotine.
  • .5 ml of blood orange flavor.
  • .08 ml of sweet tangerine flavor.
  • .3 ml of nectarine flavor.
  • .05 ml of papaya flavor.
  • .1 ml of lime flavor.
  • .4 ml of dragonfruit flavor.
  • .15 ml of double apple flavor.
  • .1 ml of polar blast flavor.
  • .1 ml of menthol flavor.
  • .08 ml of Super Sweet flavor.
  • .05 ml of MTS Vape Wizard flavor.

As the name implies, Super Sweet adds sweetness. MTS Vape Wizard mutes acidity and sourness to create a smoother flavor. The specific flavor brands are all listed on the screen in the video if you want to follow the recipe precisely. DIY Vapor recommends steeping this mixture for 168 hours.


Best Fruity e Juice Recipes


These are two top-rated recipes for a fruitier taste.


Mother's Unicorn Milk


This flavor is both creamy and fruity. If you like custards and creams, this is one that you'll probably enjoy. The recipe has over a four-star average rating out of five stars and more than 900 reviews. It's a user-submitted recipe that's on ELR. These are the ingredients:

  • .90 ml of nicotine juice with 50/50 PG/VG at 100 mg strength.
  • 6.75 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 14.55 ml of VG dilutant.
  • 1.20 ml of Bavarian cream flavor.
  • 1.50 ml of cheesecake with graham crust flavor.
  • 3 ml of ripe strawberry flavor.
  • 1.20 ml of sweet cream flavor.
  • .90 ml of vanilla custard flavor.

If you follow the above link to this recipe, you can see the comments that people who made it left. Many enthusiasts have additional recommendations or substitution suggestions for some of the flavors.


DIY Shake and Vape


This recipe has over 640 likes on the YouTube video for it, and it has a solid four-star rating on ELR. It's a simple recipe that's good without steeping. If you're in a hurry, this may be the right one for you. Unlike many recipes, it doesn't call for PG. These are the ingredient measurements:

  • .45 ml of nicotine juice in 100% VG solution at 100 mg strength.
  • 12.45 ml of VG dilutant.
  • .60 ml of blackberry flavor.
  • .60 ml of tutti frutti flavor.
  • .90 ml of harvest berry flavor.

Best Herbal e Juice Recipes


If you like herbal flavors, an important tip to remember is to never use aromatherapy essential oils. In addition to not mixing properly with base liquids, they're not safe for vaping for many reasons. If you're planning to create herbal juices, be sure to get the recipes from reviewed and trusted sources. These are a couple good herbal e liquid recipes.


Versatile CBD Juice


If you like simple herbal flavors, you can add one or two to this recipe. It's from Cheef Botanicals, and the recipe guide contains everything you need to know about making CBD vape juice to preserve the CBD. For example, it specifies that it's better to use blue or amber glass bottles for this mixture to help keep out sunlight, which can degrade the chemical integrity of CBD. Be sure to read the process steps in the link. This is the basic recipe:

  • 500 mg of CBD isolate that is at least 99% pure.
  • 15 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 12 ml of VG dilutant.
  • 3 ml of preferred flavors or terpenes.

Keep in mind that the 3 ml of flavoring is a total number. For example, if you want to mix green tea and ginger flavors, you would add 1.5 ml of each one.


Nine Edicts


This herbal recipe is ideal for green tea lovers. It has all five-star ratings on ELR. These are the ingredient measurements:

  • 3.33 ml of nicotine juice in 70/30 PG/VG at 27 mg strength.
  • 1.94 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 6.50 ml of VG dilutant.
  • .30 ml of dragonfruit flavor.
  • .38 ml of green tea flavor.
  • .75 ml of honeysuckle flavor.
  • .75 ml of peach flavor.
  • .60 ml of pomegranate deluxe flavor.
  • .45 ml of very vanilla flavor.

As you get the hang of creating e liquid mixtures, you may develop your own collection of the best e juice recipes that suit your taste. You can also find other high-rated recipes for e juice mixtures online. On ELR and other recipe sites, you may notice warning symbols next to some listed e-juice flavors. For example, one flavor may not be recommended for use in plastic tanks, and another flavor may contain acetoin. To see if any issues apply to you, be sure to read the associated warnings if you're looking at recipes to get ideas for ordering flavors.