WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Can You Vape Without Nicotine?

We associate vaping with former smokers, but it isn't just about the nicotine. There are many people who enjoy vaping for the sheer joy of sampling flavors, building kits and making huge, billowy clouds.




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There’s a vaping style for everyone. That includes people who don’t use any nicotine when they vape. There are three groups of people who regularly enjoy a nicotine free vape.


Young Vapers


Politicians and educators have expressed alarm about the high numbers of high school students who vape. It’s understandable that they would wonder if these teenagers are using nicotine.


The concern about teen vaping, however, overlooks an important fact. It’s true that vaping has exploded among young users, but most of them are not using nicotine. A 2016 study published in the journal Tobacco Control found that fewer than 20% of teenage vapers used nicotine e-juices. Most of them were vaping sweet, fruity flavors like strawberry, chocolate milkshake, cereal, custard and candy.


This is important for several reasons.

  • These teens are not getting hooked on nicotine. They may have an attachment to vaping, but they’re not physically addicted to it.
  • Smoking among teens has decreased. More teens now vape than smoke cigarettes.
  • Vaping could become a substitute for teenagers who currently smoke cigarettes.

People Who Have Quit Smoking


Many smokers who switch to vaping like to keep their nicotine levels high when they first start vaping. Over time, some lower their nicotine levels, going from 25mg to 6mg or 3mg. They enjoy vaping so much they don’t miss the higher nicotine levels.


For some people, that’s still not enough. They want to quit their addiction to nicotine. They taper down to low nicotine juices. Eventually, they start using juices with no nicotine.


Vape Hobbyists


Some people are passionate about vaping as a hobby. They love making gigantic clouds and experimenting with different setups. They enjoy sampling various brands and sophisticated e-liquids.


These vapers may not be former smokers. They’re people who have discovered an enjoyable new pastime.


Is It Safe to Vape Without Nicotine?


It’s 100% safe to vape without nicotine. If you've never smoked, there's no point getting addicted to nicotine. Just enjoy vaping without it.


Nicotineless vape is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy clouds, flavor and the relaxing sensation of warm vapor.


What Can You Vape?


You might wonder what you can vape without nicotine. Don’t worry. You can enjoy great flavor in a nicotine free vape.


Can You Vape Water?


Vaping with water is a bad idea. Water has a lower boiling point than the ingredients in a typical e-liquid. If you subject it to the heat of a vaping device, you'll get boiling water. That's not something you want to inhale.


Water poses a risk to your device, too. Introducing water to your vape could cause corrosion and destroy your coils. Don't do it.


Can You Vape Flavored E-Juices?


You can find enough e-juice flavors to last a lifetime of vaping. E-liquids now come in thousands of flavors. E-liquid manufacturers continue developing new flavor combinations.


All these great juices come in 0 nicotine levels. Vaping without nicotine won’t prevent you from enjoying delicious flavors.


For the best results, choose e-juices with high levels of propylene glycol (PG) and lower levels of vegetable glycerin (VG). Juices with higher PG levels usually have superior flavor. If you prefer big clouds to big flavor, choose juices with high VG levels.


Best Devices for Nicotine Free Vaping


If you’re looking for the right device for a nicotineless vape, your best choice is a refillable pod mod. These easy-to-use devices allow you to enjoy all your e-juice flavors. The best device for nicotine free vaping is the Vaporesso XROS.


What to Look for In a Device


If you’re vaping without nicotine, flavor production is important. You want a device that really delivers on the flavor.


You’ll get the most flavor in a device that uses good quality coils. All Vaporesso products contain high-quality coils that produce outstanding flavor.


Many former smokers are happy to get a hit of nicotine and a tobacco flavor when they first make the switch to vaping. Later, they develop more of a taste for flavored juices.


Vaporesso XROS




The XROS brings you the best of pod mods and full-size devices in one compact, powerful device. You get the ease of a pod mod with the flexibility and control of a full-sized setup. It’s an easy way to step into high-end vaping.


This customizable device can adapt to any vaping style. Use the auto-draw function or press to fire with the dual-firing mechanism. Get the most out of every juice flavor with MESH pods and Vaoporesso’s patented coil construction. An adjustable airflow adds more versatility. The 800mAh battery is fully charged in 45 minutes.

  • One-hand refilling and a sleek, stainless steel design round out this premium vape device.
  • Mesh coil.
  • Built-in 800mAh battery.
  • Tank capacity of 2 ml.
  • LED indicator.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Easy one-hand refilling.
  • Available in six beautiful colors.

Is Nicotine Free Vaping Right for You?


There are many reasons to enjoy vaping without nicotine. A great device like the XROS will make it even more enjoyable.