Choosing the right vape starter kit for 2020 (updated)

2017 is a great year for vaping. Not only has a landmark study in the UK suggested that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than tobacco, an increase in demand has led to a burst of new, innovative vaping products.

Whether you’re new to vaping or have been vaping for a short while, one of the best ways to experiment with some of the more advanced elements is to get a vape starter kit. Instead of picking up your e-cig or vape pen, why not invest in a vape starter kit and get all the components you need to start experimenting right out of the box?

Why get a vape starter kit?

A vape starter kit will give you everything you need to start experimenting right away. Sure, you could buy all the components separately but it would likely cost you more and you’d have to consider compatibility among other things. It can be difficult to learn about all the various components and read up on the technical know-how that’s needed to set them up.

A good starter kit will help you avoid all of this, and prove more cost effective to start out.

You’ll get a battery, voltage regulator, atomizer, tank and a drip tip which will all function together seamlessly and allow you to start trying different techniques right away. Different components can offer different vaping experiences, such as stronger flavours, bigger clouds and varying temperatures. A vape starter kit will give you the freedom to find a vaping style that’s right for you without the technical headache.

Choosing the right vape starter kit

Vaping is experiencing a popularity boom at the moment. As a result, the market is full of great value vape starter kits, but it’s a good idea to take your time when choosing the right kit for you. There are kits out there for all levels of vaping, from beginners right up to advanced pros. At Vaporesso, we like to cater for absolute beginners as well as vaping veterans - everyone is welcome. That’s why we have a range of kits to cover all the bases. Our new Veco Solo range is extremely popular with newcomers to vaping and those who want a reliable and compact compact vaping experience. For seasoned vapers who like to experiment, our Target or Attitude kits are a little more customisable and will scratch that tech-gadget itch.

How to start vaping

Once you’ve chosen the right vaping kit for you, getting started is easy. You’ll have everything you need to get going, and as long as you bear some key things in mind you’ll master it in no time. First, you’ll need to choose an E-liquid. They come in different strengths, determined by the amount of nicotine present, and of course a variety of flavours. Second, you’ll have to learn how to clean your tank effectively in order to ensure the performance and longevity of your device. Next, it’s important to properly prime your vape coil and start from a lower wattage to find what works for you. You’ll also need to know the right time to replace your coil to ensure a consistently good vaping experience.

If you’ve got any questions about our products or are just curious about vaping in general, feel free to comment or get in touch. We’re always happy to help.