WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Thinking of becoing a vaper in 2018? Here's what you need to know

Vaping is going viral. Technology has allowed it to come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and it's already helped millions of people give up smoking altogether. Bodies like Public Health England and the Scottish NHS actively support it as a healthier alternative to smoking, and more and more vapers are filling the streets by the day. If you're a smoker wanting to quit or are just curious about vaping then 2018 is probably the best time ever to get involved.

When you get your first vape kit or mod, here are some things you should note...

Get experimental with e-liquids

A lot of new vapers overlook it, but there are a wide variety of flavours and strengths out there on the market. For some vaping is a means to and end (like trying to quit smoking) but if you want to indulge and get creative with your vaping, having a few different liquids on hand to start with will help you find what you like. Most liquids use a base that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin or a mix of the two to stabilise their flavours, but beyond that they can be wildly different!

ABP - Always Be Priming

Even some veterans can forget to to prime their coil occasionally, but it's more common among newcomers. Whenever you get a new coil (or vape kit in general) the coil needs to primed. What this means getting the wick moist enough so that when you take your first draw it's nice and smooth with good tasting vapour. A dry wick will result in a 'dry hit' which can taste awful and leave a burning sensation in your mouth. If this happens to you, don't be dismayed! Simply prime and carry on.

How do you prime a vape coil?

There are a few different ways to go about it and you'll likely find your own preferred method over time. It depends on your style of vaping and where you vape (and how much time you have on your hands). The most common way of priming a vape coil is with simple patience. Add the liquid to your tank and simply wait for 10-15 minutes before taking your first draw. This will give the wick enough time to absorb a good amount of the liquid and automatically prime your coil for a good vaping session. Another method for those more experienced is to 'suck' the juice up through the coil while blocking the airflow, without powering the kit. This can be tricky as it's easy to flood the coil in this way, but it's by far the fastest method of priming. Finally, you can simply try knocking your vape kit on a hard surface or druming on it with your fingers for a few seconds. Just be careful not to be too vigorous or you may accidentally flood the coil and get a bad taste in your mouth.

Try dripping for a chance of pace

'What on earth is dripping?' many newcomers ask. It sounds like an advanced technique that's not for the likes of first timers, but it can actually be a fantastic way to discover new flavours. 'Dripping' basically refers to the act of manually applying e-juice directly onto a wick, without the need for filling a tank. This will typically use more e juice and give a much stronger flavour, but will need to be reapplied every few draws. It can get quite messy if you aren't sure what you're doing, so save this one for your living room at home, but it's a great way to sample different flavours in quick succession and find something you like. You'll also get some extreme plumes if that's your thing. 

So there we have it. A few tips to bear in mind if you decide to treat yourself to a new vape kit this Christmas.