How To Get Massive Clouds Of Vapour From Your Vape

Although not everyone is into cloud chasing, one of the attractions of vaping is the ability to create huge clouds of vapor.
Would you like to produce as many massive clouds as possible from your vape device without having to rebuild it? If your answer is yes, then you are reading the right post because we plan on showing you how to make the most of your vaping device right out of the box.

Best vape tank for clouds

So what are the best vape tanks for getting maximum clouds? We believe that large capacity tanks are crucial to getting maximum clouds from your vape device. This is because of the speed at which the vaporized e-juice turns to clouds.

Indeed, it is the larger, the better since producing dense clouds consumes more e-juice. And so to avoid constant refilling or the embarrassment of having your device run out of e-juice while you are vaping, it is best to opt for large capacity tanks. This is because they are the best vape tanks for getting maximum clouds.

The best vape tanks ensure that your device has enough e-juice regardless of the density or volume of the clouds produced by your vape device. That is why we recommend that you use any one of the following tanks;

Vaporesso NRG tank: This is one of Vaporesso’s best sub-ohm products. It has a 5ml e-juice capacity and two large dual air flow slots at the bottom. The bottom base of the tank also has heat insulation which buffers the heat that comes with the vaping process. It uses GT core coil services that has some many options; all of which allow you to vape at high medium or low wattages.

It is versatile enough to allow your produce average clouds or dense fog like clouds. Most importantly it is long lasting, offers a lot of variety and is relatively cheap.

Vaporesso Skrr Tank: This sub-ohm tank sports great features; an 8ml e juice capacity and four airflow slots at the bottom. However, the best part is the QF coil system that provides excellent flow for e-juices with high VG content and thick, rich clouds. With this type of tank, dense clouds are not the only thing you blow; the mesh coils also allow you to blow soft, aromatic clouds too.

Best vape mod for clouds

The battery of your vaping device can be likened to the engine of any vehicle. Both battery and engines power the systems they are in. That is why it is important that while choosing the best vape mods, you should opt for one with a long-lasting battery. While you may want to know the best sub-ohm batteries to use, here are some of the more popular sub-ohm vape mods in the Vaporesso range

Vaporesso Luxe: This mod is powered by a high-tech battery that brings power, functionality, and beauty in one package. It has a rapid stable and safe firing rate of 0.0015. This allows for the quick heating that brings you clouds that are as dense as they are aromatic. Its OMNI board turns off the charging when you are vaping and vice versa while its quick charging feature shortens the charging time and makes it readily available for use.

Vaporesso Tarrot Baby: It’s surprising how such a small mod can pack so much power: a 2500MAH battery; a firing rate of 0.0025, and its Tarot Babys’ Insta-Fire which provides a heating system that offers you rich, aromatic and thick vapor as soon as your first puff. It also has a quick charge feature that shortens your charging time. Its Omni Board ensures that you're safe by preventing charging and vaping to occur at the same time.

Vaporesso Revenger: This vaporesso mod has a high amperage 18650 lithium battery that will give you more control over your vaping device. It has the 2.5A quick charge capability which means that is charging system shortens the time required to charge it fully. It is the very popular among vapors because it is rechargeable and offers a wide range of options; current capacity outing, voltage, and operating temperature.

Vaporesso Swag:The battery that powers this vape mod is a single 18650 lithium battery that is powerful enough to serve you for about two days on a single charge. It conserves your vaping needs, particularly milk the intensity that carries with producing massive vapors.

Like with all other sub-ohm batteries that we have described in this article, ensure that your 18650 batteries are made by reputable brands. Buying batteries from reputable vendors should also be a priority. This is because unscrupulous persons may sell rewraps as the real deal.

Adjusting Your Power Settings For Maximum Clouds

The reason why RDA, RTA, and sub-0hm vaping tanks can produce dense clouds is because of the amount of current that passes through the coils.

This is the principle behind adjusting the power settings of your device for maximum clouds.

Increasing the power of your device enhances its capacity to vaporize e-liquids. Simply adjust the power setting to a higher one. This increases the wattage that flows through the coil, and invariably the quantity of vaporized juice. Start on a low setting and steadily increase the power until the flavor starts to decline or the vapor becomes uncomfortable to inhale. That is the point where you should stop. Moving beyond that might harm your device.


The ‘beauty’ of vaping for most vapers lies in the thick, aromatic clouds of vapor that are created. It most cases, only specialized vape devices (sub-ohm) produce such clouds, hence the shift towards such devices.

There are other ways around producing such clouds especially if you do not want those specialized devices. We have shown you the type of tanks and batteries to use and lastly how to adjust your power settings to achieve that effect. Apply the tips we have shared and create all the massive clouds you want.