WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Complete Guide on What You Need To Build Your Own Vape

>The amazing thing about vaping is the amount of choice and personalization it offers you. If you don’t like what you can find in a store, or your budget doesn’t match the device you want, you can literally go out and build your own vape.
But during your online search for vape building instructions you may come across a few ‘homemade vape pen’ tutorials in forums or blogs. We strongly recommend that you refrain from building your own vape using common household items such as hairdryers, flashlights, and heat guns as this could lead to potential fire hazards as well as other safety concerns, such as releasing dangerous fumes. Instead, follow our guide and advanced vaping recommendations on getting the right components to know exactly what you need to build your own vape.

Basic components to build your own vape pen

Vapes consist of two main components; a battery and an atomizer. Let’s examine these in more detail.

1. Selecting your vape battery

vaporesso battery

The vape battery is the most basic part of your vaping device. It provides the power and
therefore is essential heat source of your device. Batteries are available in
many different shapes and styles, but to enhance you experience it is
recommended that you invest in a battery that can digitally
adjust its power.

Selecting the right battery is also vital to ensure the safety of your device. As with any electronic device, there is always a risk of it setting a light, and vapes are no different. Many people enjoy choosing their own vape batteries when customizing their devices in order to produce more power and bigger vapor clouds. But in their quest for more power they often ignore the basics of vaping battery safety. It is essential that you purchase good quality rechargeable 18650 batteries, and handle them with care, in order to reduce the risk of them malfunctioning.

2. The vape atomizer

vaporesso atomizer

The vape atomizer is the heating element of your vape. In other words it is the part
that heats up your e-juice and converts it into vapor. There are many different types of atomizers available that all deliver a different vaping experience. When choosing an atomizer you will need to consider the following things:

  • The resistance level in the coil.

The level of resistance has a huge influence on the type of vaping experience you will have. Regular vapes generally use coils with a resistance ranging between 1.5 Ohms to 2.8 Ohms. But a new trend, called “sub ohm vaping” involves using a device that operates below 1 Ohm. Every person will have a different preference regarding what resistance level to use because as each has a different effect on your vape and provides a different experience. These difference are listed below:

  • Regular or "higher" Ohm coils:
    • Produces less heat in the coil which produces less vapor
    • Creates cooler vapor
    • Will drain the battery at a slower pace
    • Uses less e-liquid
  • Lower Ohm coils:
    • Produces more heat in the coil which increases vapor production
    • Creates warmer vapor
    • Will drain the battery at a quicker pace
    • Might cause dry hits which result in a burning sensation
    • Uses more e-liquid
    • Is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Read up on tips for sub ohm safety.
  • Heat Generation

Another consideration is the amount of heat generated by that the atomizer. Ideally, you want enough heat in order to properly produce the vapor, but not so much that the e-juice will begin to cook or burn. A good way to find out whether or not a specific atomizer’s design is good is to read up on real users’ feedback and reviews. This will give you a general idea of how real users experienced a device.

  • Replaceable Coil Heads are a Good Idea

There are many different types of atomizers available. Some come with coil heads, whilst others give you the option of replacing the head if you want. The second option is not only a useful way to discard a damaged head, but it also allows you to customize your vape even further by choosing different design or style.

  • The Size of the Tank

The size of the tank depends completely on your own personal preference. A larger tank has more capacity and will require fewer refills, allowing you to vape on the same tank throughout the day. A smaller tank, will require more refills, but allows you to swap up your flavors more frequently. Many vapers purchase several different atomizers so that they can get the benefits of both. This way they are free to select an atomizer according to their current mood or requirements.

This article covered the basic components you will need to build your own vape. Are you ready to go out, explore your options, and create a device that reflects on your own personal style? Or do you perhaps have any of your own advanced vaping tips to share? Feel free to join the conversation in the comments below.