Tips on How To Become A Pro Vaper

The vaping trend has taken the world by storm. Initially starting out as an alternative to smoking, millions of people have taken to vaping as a serious hobby and are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a vape as they learn how to become a pro vaper. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become a pro vaper in this post...

As with any sport or hobby, people who have gained an extra interest in vaping are keen on taking their enthusiasm to the next level, and currently taking the next step towards becoming a pro level vaper has never been easier. From building your first coil to pushing the limits with sub ohm vaping there is a whole world of vaping waiting to be explored.

Essential steps to become a pro vaper

steps on how to become a pro vaper

Step 1. Understanding Rebuildable Atomizers

In general, advanced vaping requires the use of rebuildable atomizers. As the name suggests, it requires users to rebuild their wicks on a regular basis. There are two major product categories for rebuildable atomizers, an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser), or RTA (rebuildable tank atomiser).


This is probably the most common type you’ll come across. An RDA does not have a tank to hold extra e-liquid. Instead, all of the e-liquid is held by the device’s wick and coil, and sometimes there may be a pit, or well, inside the dripper’s base in order to hold a little extra liquid.

If you have been using a clearomizer up to now, you may be baffled by why not having a tank will have an advantage. Since you are dripping liquid directly onto the atomizer yourself, you are guaranteed to get a perfect hit every time. Also, you don’t need to re-drip as often as you may think since a wick that is fully saturated will be able to give you about 10-20 hits (depending on a few factors such as your atomizer’s resistance and the type of wicking material you are using).


Having a RTA is similar to building your own clearomizer. RTAs have decks to rebuild wicks and coils on just like RDAs or drippers, but they also have a section for the tank to hold any excess liquid. A RTA will function much like a clearomizer once it is built and filled, meaning you can vape repeatedly throughout the day before having to refill your vape.

The best way to figure out which of the two configurations is the perfect fit for you is to test both of them and experiment with variable voltage or variable wattage. This will require a smart mod that allows you to change them according to your own specifications.

Step 2. Build Your Own Coils

Next, you can start building your own coils using different materials that will let you create a vape just the way you want it. Before you go ahead and do this you will need to have a good understanding of Ohm’s Law and would hurt to use a coil building tutorial that gives you all the details on the gear you’ll need, safety precautions, and instructions, in order to make the first time easier.

Step 3. Sub Ohm Vaping Explained

Looking for voluminous ‘pro level’ clouds and maximum results from your vape? Then sub ohm vaping is the way to go. Sub ohming involves vaping at a resistance below 1 ohm and allows vapers to get bigger vapor production, intense flavor, warmer vapor and many other benefits that add to the superhuman experience many vapers are after. Before you start, definitely check out some sub-ohm tutorials, especially safety tips, but remember, there is no right or wrong combination on the path to more flavor and bigger clouds - it’s all about having fun and trying new things.

Step 4. Cloud Chasing

What do you get when you mix customized vapes with perfect technique? Well, the answer is Cloud Chasing! Yes, vaping now has a competitive sport called ‘Cloud Chasing’. And as if that’s not awesome enough, even the fan’s go by their own name, ‘cloud gazers’. Those who compete in the sport use their vapes, lungs, body movements and posture to create mind-blowing vapor clouds (I prefer to call them vape art). You definitely have to see it to believe it, so do yourself a favor and watch some videos. There is no doubt you’ll be overwhelmingly inspired and love vaping even more than ever before!

There is a lot that vaping has to offer. It certainly has revolutionized smoking of all forms. So if you want some more info on going pro, feel free to download my free ebook that will explore how to become a pro vaper in a lot more detail.