WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Tanks: How to get the most out of your vape tank

The vaping community is growing quickly in 2017, and we’re seeing a range of new gear coming onto the market as a result. Things are changing in a good way. However, there are certain things that should stay the same, and one of those things is how you care for your vaping device. Whether you like to keep things simple or mix things up with different components, maintaining your vaping kit is essential to ensuring the best performance vape after vape. Vapers who enjoy a simple vaping experience may still use disposable cartridges, but we’re seeing more and more vapers experiment with clear, reusable tanks. Why not? They’re cost effective, easy to use and can even prolong the lifespan of your vaping device. However, like most components that are reusable, they require some care to stay effective.

Whether you’re new to vaping or are a veteran looking to experiment with re-usable tanks for the first time, here are a few tips to get you started with your vape tank:

Clean your vape tank every 2 or 3 days

Humidity, temperature and usage frequency can all have an impact on how often your vape tank needs cleaning. Residue from old e-juice can thicken and build up, and eventually seep into the cracks and cause staining. It can even adversely affect the wick and coil of your device, and by this stage it can sometimes be too late to reverse the staining. We recommend you clean your vape tank at least once every 2 to 3 days if you vape regularly, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. Simply empty the vape tank, and rinse away any residue with a 30 second blast of warm water from the tap before leaving it to try naturally. So long as this is kept up regularly you should enjoy a long and consistent experience with your vape tank.

To make things even easier, you could also invest in an ultrasonic cleaner to keep your vape tank clean and ready to go.

Avoid ‘flavour ghosting’ with a clean vape tank

Not only will cleaning your vape tank result in better vaping performance, it will also ensure you get the most out of your favourite flavours. More advanced vapours enjoy switching things up with different flavours and varieties of e-juice - little surprise given how many e-juice flavours there are to choose from - but doing so can cause what’s known as ‘flavour ghosting’ if your vape tank isn’t properly cleaned. If you go to a wine tasting event, you’ll always get a fresh glass to go with a new wine while you rinse your palette, so you can enjoy the new flavour at its fullest. It’s the same with vaping. Old e-juice residue can contaminate new e-juice, taking away from its flavour. Keeping your vape tank clean will prevent this from happening, giving you that ‘new vaping’ experience whenever you switch to a new juice.

Take care of your tank screws and thread

Something you may not consider is how you go about opening and closing the tank, or attaching a tank mod to a new piece of kit. This must be done with care, ensuring that your tank isn’t screwed on too tight or too loose. Too tight, and the threads may get damaged and render the tank unusable after a while. Too loose, and you run the risk of scratching and other cosmetic damage that can build up over time. By attaching and removing your tank correctly, you’ll give your tank the best chance of a long life.