Vaping 101: How To Vape Like A Pro And Awesome Tricks

After having enjoyed the vaping 101 journey, many vapers seek ways to make their vape experience that little bit more fun and exciting. After all, experimenting with different styles of vaping and trying new things is really what the vape world is all about.

Let's explore how to vape like a pro and watch some examples of awesome vaping tricks that you can learn to do in this post...


'Tricking' is a style of vaping that involves incorporating tricks - and generally involves big clouds of vapour too. Fun! Anyone can start adding tricks to their e-cig game, whether just to have fun and impress a few friends or to start vaping like a pro.

The first thing you’ll need before getting into tricking is the right equipment. Generally speaking, you’ll need some slightly more advanced equipment than a simple e-cigarette - like a mechanical mod with an RDA - to get the right sized vapour cloud to start performing tricks.

Below you can see the Attitude vape mod, and ideal option for vapers who're interested in performing tricks!

vaporesso attitude mod

Once you’ve got that, you can start with some simple tricks and gradually push your limits as you start to have more fun and get better!

The O-ring

The most basic and standard of tricks, blowing a smoke ring is something you probably would have seen amongst smokers or tried yourself if you used to be a smoker. Vaping makes blowing o-rings cool with large amounts of vapour to make big rings, as well as multiple rings in the same puff. Definitely one of the most common, but coolest beginner party tricks out there!

The French Inhale

Also known as the ghost inhale, this trick involves a little bit more mastery of vapour inhalation and exhalation than simply blowing o-rings, but it still easily achievable with a little bit of practice. You’ll want to be in a fairly contained indoor environment without too much air movement - like air conditioning or a fan - for this one.

The Dragon

This trick is the ultimate ‘kick back and be cool trick’, characterising much of what happens in vape lounges and the reason for their popularity. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort or practice, and it doesn’t take long for groups of vapers to learn it together either.

If you see someone lying low in lazy chair blowing vapour out of the sides of their mouth and their nostrils at the same time, they’re doing the dragon! And it’s probably not because they’re angry, but most likely just because they’re trying to teach ready learners new tricks.

The Waterfall

This is a really fun and easy trick, and one of the coolest spectacles for spectators too! If your dinner-table company allows it, show them a waterfall while they’re all gathered around. They’ll leave thanking you with a wowed look on their faces, guaranteed!

The Jellyfish

Probably one of the more technically challenging tricks around, this is one that you’re more likely to see in a vaping competition. Still, if your vaping heart desires, there are no limits as to what you can add to your trick arsenal with enough experimentation and practice.

Whether you’re new to tricking or you simply want to improve your skills, we hope you learn how to vape like the pros here and have enough fun to keep enjoying your vaping experience. And if you're in need of some more inspiration, check out some of the coolest and most amazing tricks being done here:



Keep learning and discovering new tricks!