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A Complete Guide: How to Make Vapes Last Longer?

Vaping has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with vape devices becoming ubiquitous. Their portability and customizability make them an attractive option for many. However, vapes can degrade over time, suffering from diminished battery life, burnt coils, and clogged tanks. Proper maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan of vapes. This complete guide will cover tips to make vapes last longer through every stage of their life cycle.
Follow these best practices, and you'll keep your vape strong for the long haul. Read on to learn the key factors that shorten vape lifespan and actionable steps you can take for improved performance and longevity. With this comprehensive advice, your vape will function optimally for years of consistent vapor production.

Key Factors That Shorten Vape Lifespan


To troubleshoot vape longevity issues, it helps to understand what causes early degradation in the first place. The main culprits behind a shortened vape lifespan include:


  • Battery Degradation - Batteries drain over time and charge cycles. Fully discharging vape batteries with each use accelerates degradation. Using the wrong charger also damages batteries over time.
  • Burnt Coils and Wicks - The coil and wick deliver e-liquid to create vapor. But excessive heat and sweet e-liquid will burn cotton wicks. This causes dry, scorched hits.
  • Residue Buildup - Sweetener in e-liquids gunks up tanks with sticky brown residue. This residue blocks airflow and mutes flavor.
  • Damage - Dropping devices can break tanks and loosen electrical connections. This causes immediate performance issues.
  • Incorrect Settings - Using the wrong wattage for your coil burns it out faster. Starting at too high a wattage also reduces coil lifespan.

Following vape best practices in these areas will keep your device working like new.


Tips to Make Coils Last Longer

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The coil and wick are the beating heart of any vape. Preserving coil integrity is key to flavorful, smooth hits. Here are five tips to extend the life of your coils: 

  • Use Optimal Wattage - Check the recommended wattage range for your specific coils. Staying in the ideal power band prevents premature burning.
  • Prime New Coils - Before first use, add a few drops of e-liquid directly to the new coils. This pre-saturates the cotton wick for optimal performance.
  • Take Gentle Hits - Long, powerful hits overload coils with too much heat. Take shorter, lighter puffs to minimize coil stress.
  • Clean Between Flavors - When switching e-liquid flavors, rinse tanks & coils to prevent lingering flavors from mixing.
  • Change Coils Regularly - Coils wear out over time. Switch out coils every 1-2 weeks to keep performance crisp.

Tips for Extending Battery Life


The battery powers the entire vaping experience. Preserving battery capacity equates to longer vape runtime. Here are four tips for maintaining battery life:

  • Avoid Full Discharges - Fully draining batteries constantly places maximum strain on them. Charge more frequently for longevity.
  • Don't Overcharge - Don't leave vapes plugged in overnight after charging fully. This overcharges batteries.
  • Use Correct Charger - Always use the proper charger for your specific battery type. Mismatching damages batteries.
  • Replace Old Batteries - Performance declines as batteries age. Swap in new batteries every 4-6 months for maximum runtime.

With smart charging habits, your vape batteries will last for years.


Steps to Clean Vape Tanks and Parts


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Residue buildup can clog vape tanks and mute flavor over time. That's why routine cleaning is essential. Here are the steps to clean vape tanks and components:

  • Disassemble Tank - Detach tanks from mods and remove coils, mouthpieces, and o-rings. This exposes all surfaces.
  • Wash Parts - Soak tank sections and mouthpieces in warm water and dish soap. Shake and scrub to remove gunk.
  • Rinse Thoroughly - Rinse all tank pieces with clean water to eliminate residue and soap.
  • Air Dry Components - Allow tank sections to dry fully before reattaching. Evaporates any leftover moisture.
  • Wipe Down Mod - Use a microfiber cloth to wipe outer mod surfaces. Removes e-liquid drips and residue.

Proper cleaning removes the gunk that mutes flavor and reduces airflow. Your vape will taste crisp after each cleaning.


Signs It's Time to Replace Vape Parts


When vape performance declines, it's often a sign that components need replacing. Watch for these signs:

  • Burnt Coil Taste - A burnt, dry hit means coils are shot. Time for a fresh coil.
  • Weak Vapor Production - Weak hits signal failing coils or clogged tanks. Replace and clean parts.
  • Fast Battery Drain - Batteries that drain quickly have reached the end of their lifespan. Install fresh batteries.
  • Leaks or Damage - Cracked tanks, stripped threads, and leaks indicate defective parts. Replace any damaged components.

Replacing worn parts restores vapor quality and device performance.


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Proper vape maintenance extends lifespan. Follow best practices like optimal wattage, proper battery charging, routine tank cleaning, and replacing worn parts. Avoid over-draining batteries and burnt coils.

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