What Are the Best Juul Alternatives?

If you’re a Juul user, it’s time to switch to a real smoking alternative. In this article, we’ll tell you about some great Juul alternatives that are easy to use, cheaper than the Juul and more enjoyable to vape.




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Is it time to say goodbye to Juul?


When Juul began selling its pod systems, they took the e-cigarette world by storm. Juul pulled ahead because it delivered flavor and nicotine in a format that closely mimicked smoking. It was ideal for smokers who wanted to vape but didn’t want the expense and learning curve of a traditional box mod.


But these days Juul is no longer the only option out there. Today, there a wide range of excellent vaping devices for first-time vapers. The best alternatives are just as easy to use as a Juul but superior in every other way.


The most popular are the so-called pod mods that use a small refillable pod. We believe that a pod mod is the best Juul alternative for former smokers and first-time vapers for the following reasons...


Reasons to Try These Juul Alternatives


Are you still reluctant to let go of that Juul? Here are some reasons to upgrade to a pod mod right now.


Ease of use: If you’re hanging on to your Juul because it’s easy to use, you haven’t tried a pod mod. These lightweight little devices couldn’t be simpler to use. All you do is take out the refillable pod, fill it with your e-juice and put it back in. You also must charge the device.


Choice of styles: There is a pod mod out there to suit every style of smoker. Read the reviews to learn whether a device delivers a mouth-to-lung or throat-to-lung hit, how much flavor it produces and how many clouds you can make. You can choose your finish, texture and color from a huge selection.


Sustainability: Using disposable vapes and prefilled, disposable pods is wasteful. With a pod mod, you use the refillable pod many times over.


Innovation: Pod mod manufacturers continue to upgrade and innovate to create even better products at affordable prices.


Nicotine levels: When you buy or mix your own vape juice, you can choose your nicotine levels from 0 to 25. If you’re using a pod mod, you can also use nicotine salt juices, which have higher nicotine levels.


Flavor choices: It's not even close. You might think you’re happy with the Juul flavors, but have you seen what’s out there? Check out what’s available at the average vape store or any online store. You’ll have so many choices of brands and flavors you'll feel like a kid in a candy store.


Even if you only like tobacco or menthol, you have more options now. You can buy premium menthol and tobacco flavors from the top juice brands in the world.


Those Juul flavors you like might go away. Last year, the company dumped its sweet flavors. Now, you can only get Juul pods in tobacco, mint and menthol.


Price: The average smoker who quits smoking by switching to Juul spends $180 a year on Juul products. That's cheaper than smoking. You can save even more by switching to a pod mod.


Most pod mods come in at under $30. The refill pods usually cost around $4 each, but you can use them repeatedly. Unlike traditional vape setups, pod mods use e-juice very slowly. For instance, it costs $15 for a set of four Juul pods. Each pod might last you a day. Alternatively, you can spend $15 on a bottle of premium e-juice that will last several weeks.


Why Vaporesso is such a good Juul Alternative


Vaporesso is a premier vaping brand behind the industry’s most iconic devices. In our pod mods we use innovative technology such as c-cell coils, push-to-fill technology and feature-packed chipsets. Our products deliver a supreme vaping experience, and regularly get five-star reviews.


The Best Juul Alternatives


Vaporesso XTRA


The XTRA lives up to its name with outstanding extra features. This pod mod features upgraded cotton mesh coils.


Like all Vaporesso products, it has an advanced chip that regulates air pressure and temperature. This ensures a smooth, flavorful hit of mouth-to-lung draw from your first puff to your last. It has a built-in 900 mah battery that will keep you vaping all day.


This device comes with two refillable pods. Choose the .8 for superb flavor or the 1.2 for a stronger nicotine hit.



  • 2-ml refillable pods.
  • Built-in 800 mah battery.
  • Colored LED indicators.
  • Sideways filling slot.
  • USB cable.

The XTRA is a great-looking device. The ergonomic design with a curved chamber fits nicely in your hand. The stylish colors include silver resin and gray resin.


Vaporesso ZERO


The ZERO pioneered refillable pods with a patented push-to-fill system that means no messy spills, overfills or leaks. It was the first to use an OMNI board that has become a Vaporesso trademark. The Zero was one of the first pod mods to feature dry hit protection and your choice of three temperature settings.


Despite this device’s enormous popularity, Vaporesso has continued innovating to make each edition even better. The new edition features an optional Care version that comes with a 1.0 MESH pod or the original version that comes with a 1.3 c-cell pod.



  • 2-ml refillable pods.
  • Built-in 650 mah battery.
  • E-liquid filing bottle.
  • One-click temperature mode change.
  • USB cable.

The Zero has a rounded shape and comes in a range of bright, stylish colors.


Vaporesso OSMALL


The OSMALL is a small, budget-priced device that delivers a lot of flavor. It has all the quality and extra touches of the high-end Vaporesso devices in a compact size. The 1.2 coil creates dense, flavorful clouds. It’s simple to use with a side filling slot, overcharge protection and ergonomic shape. Automatic draw lets you vape without buttons or dials.



  • 2-ml refillable pods.
  • OMNI board mini.
  • Built-in 350 mah battery.
  • No-button automatic draw.
  • USB cable.

The lightweight OSMALL comes in a textured design and a great selection of fun, trendy colors.


Get Your Vape On With Vaporesso


If you’re ready to open up a fresh world of vaping enjoyment, you’re ready for a Vaporesso device.