WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What are the best mouth to lung (MTL) vape devices?

New vaping enthusiasts often hear the terms "direct to lung" (DTL) and "mouth to lung" (MTL) about vaping. Each one is a style, and every person will develop their own preference. DTL vaping is directly inhaling the vape into the lungs like breathing air. In contrast, MTL is more like smoking a cigarette. You inhale the vape into your mouth and pause, and then you inhale it into your lungs.


best mtl vape devices


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If you're after a nicotine fix, MTL is the ideal style choice. The main reason why MTL is better is because it allows you to use a stronger nicotine content. When you directly inhale, the effect is harsher with a high nicotine content. If you use DTL with a higher nicotine content, it may make you feel sick. By letting it linger in your mouth for a short time instead, the effect isn't as harsh. Many people are also more accustomed to the MTL vaping style since they are former smokers. Additionally, when e-cigarettes were new, people had to use the MTL method and simply grew accustomed to it.


Best PG/VG Ratio for MTL


Most experts recommend a ratio of 50/50 for PG/VG if you're using the MTL vaping style. While this is a guideline, it's good to try not to exceed a maximum ratio of 60% VG and 40% PG. The reason for this is because propylene glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerin. If your liquid is thinner, it reaches the coil faster and is more effective. Thicker liquids aren't suited for proper wicking in the smaller coils of MTL devices, which can easily ruin your experience. While some tanks can accommodate thicker liquids and process them well, many devices that are designed specifically for MTL are meant to use a higher PG content. Nicotine salts are also good for a better experience if you're new to vaping.


Another important consideration with PG/VG mixtures is the nicotine content in them. You'll find your level of preference for this by trying one or more options. If you smoked a lot and recently quit, you'll want 12 mg or higher to start. Try a more diluted mixture if you're new to vaping and haven't smoked before or haven't smoked in a while. Many people who used to be light or social smokers choose about 6 mg to start.


What To Look For In a MTL Device


When it comes to choosing an ideal vape device for MTL, these are the three most important considerations:

  • Airflow
  • Mouthpiece
  • Coil resistance
  • Airflow

This is one of the most important overall aspects of choosing a vape device, and the design will affect airflow. If the airflow on your device is tight, your vape will feel warmer and provide an easier hit. When you take a hit through MTL vaping, your lungs are more receptive to the vape since they're in greater need of oxygen after you let the vape sit in your mouth first. This provides a much smoother and easier hit.




To make shopping guidance easier to remember, keep in mind that MTL mouthpieces are designed to look more like cigarettes since they are used similarly. MTL mouthpieces are narrower than DTL mouthpieces. A narrower mouthpiece also helps you get a tighter airflow.


Coil Resistance


A coil should have writing on the side that shows its suggested wattage and resistance. With MTL coils, the resistance is typically 1.0 ohms or higher. The wattage for MTL coils is usually under 25 watts. If you're comparing the two types of coils, you'll notice that MTL coils are visibly smaller in size. Smaller coils also mean tighter airflow, which you now know is an important goal for MTL vaping.


Best MTL Vape Pen




If you prefer a smaller device, a pen design may be right for you. For MTL vaping, the best mouth to lung vape pen is the VM Stick 18. It comes in several colors, and offers all the advanced features you would expect in a great vape pen:

  • The VM 18 tank has a CCELL coil that provides consistency.
  • The coil design has a resistance of 1.0 ohms, which promotes a smoother and richer flavor.
  • The pen has a sleek and compact design.
  • With its 1200 mAh battery, it's ideal for casual or frequent use.
  • With 1A compatibility, it only takes 60 minutes for the battery to fully charge.
    The tank capacity is 2 ml.

The special coil design is one of the key reasons why this pen tops the list for MTL vaping. Unlike some products, it uses tea fiber instead of cotton for added consistency in results. Also, the coil design is ideal for keeping your vape at the right temperature. If your vape is too hot, it'll be uncomfortable. This pen is designed for smooth results every time, and it's great for nicotine salts.


Best MTL Vape Pods


There are two items that tie for the top spot for several reasons. If you're not familiar with vape pods, they appear flatter and wider than vape pens. Pods are designed for easy replacement, which is great if you want to keep the same device for a long time.






XROS is a really good choice if you like versatility and customizing your experience. One of the main benefits is that you have adjustable airflow for added control. These are the top benefits of the XROS vape pod:

  • The device has a sleek and classic look.
  • There are well-developed mesh coils.
  • It has a 2 ml capacity.
  • The steel finish makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • It takes only 45 minutes for the device to fully charge the 800 mAh battery.
  • With a visible pod, single-handed refilling is much easier.
  • Since it has a double-firing mechanism, you can use press-to-fire or auto-draw methods.

The unique customization options of this pod are what make it great for MTL vaping. At a resistance setting of 1.2, the mesh vape pod allows for MTL vaping. A resistance setting of 0.8 allows for restricted DTL vaping. Its built-in Axon chip reduces multiple risks to make it a great choice if you're conscientious about safety. Also, it provides the right amount of heat to give you the hit you're looking for in any chosen setting.






This pod is small, flat and comes in a variety of color choices. Made from medical-grade materials, it's a high-quality choice. The ZERO is designed to be easy to use and reliable. These are the top features of the ZERO vape pod:

  • The ceramic heating elements have a CCELL design, which supports longevity and consistency.
  • It has a 2 ml capacity.
  • With an extra mesh pod, you have greater heating capability for a better flavor experience each time.
  • Its tight inner spring eliminates spillage concerns.
  • With the OMNI Board Mini chip, both safety and simplicity are enhanced.
  • With 1A charging capabilities, the 650 mAh battery is fully charged within 45 minutes.
  • It has 1.30 ohms for CCELL resistance and 1.0 ohms for mesh resistance.
  • You can select from three power modes, and this allows you to customize hit and cloud intensity.

This pod's customization choices, optimal heating design and resistance are what make it the best choice for MTL vaping.


Best MTL Pod Mod




The Target PM30 is the best mouth to lung pod mod. It's especially great for better flavor and simplicity. These are the top features of the Target PM30 vape pod mod:

  • The built-in 1200 mAh battery charges quickly and lasts all day.
  • With the PTF system on top, refilling is easier and eliminates spillage.
  • With a C cable compatibility, charging is quick and easy.
  • It has a three-level adjustable wattage.
  • The GTX coils provide smooth airflow and a better flavor experience.
  • It has a 3.5 ml or 2 ml pod capacity.
  • Regular coil resistance is 1.2 ohms, and mesh coil resistance is 0.6 ohms.

The higher coil resistance makes this mod a good choice for MTL vaping. Its quality design for smoother flavors and customizable control also make it ideal if you want to vary your MTL experience.


Best MTL Mods


Once again, two contenders tied for the top spot on this mouth to lung vape kit list. Their low wattage and high nicotine capabilities are some top benefits. Also, both options made the list because of their quality coil design and capabilities to produce an optimal MTL vape hit.






The GTX One mod offers a very practical design and comes in several color choices. It's packed with sophisticated features to ensure an excellent flavor experience. These are the top features of the GTX One vape mod:

  • The GTX coils boost flavor quality and cloud delivery.
  • The airflow control system gives you the ability to create your desired experience.
  • The safety protection system addresses seven critical components.
  • With power customization, you can control heat.
  • A larger 2000 mAh battery lets you vape all day.
  • 2A C charging compatibility makes charging easier, and it charges quickly.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to transport and use.
  • It has a 3 ml or 2 ml tank capacity.
  • It comes with 1.2 ohms and 0.8 ohms mesh coils.
  • The 0.69" OLED screen shows you important setting information clearly.
  • It has a durable and scratch-free outer design.

The special combination of wicking materials promotes the perfect airflow, and the customizable settings ensure that you can find just the right hit for your preferences.


Target Mini II




This short and compact mod comes in a few color choices. The Target Mini II is an improvement on one of Vaporesso's earlier MTL kits that was a top-selling option. In comparison with the Target Mini, its successor gives you a longer battery life and an improved flavor experience with greater consistency. These are the top features of the Target Mini II vape mod:

  • It has a top-fill feature to eliminate spillage and improve simplicity.
  • The coils are compatible with all EUC coils.
  • The 2000 mAh battery provides long-lasting usability.
  • Featuring 2A charging compatibility, the battery charges within an hour.
  • The resistance range is 0.03 ohms to 5 ohms.
  • It has a 2 ml tank capacity.
  • It features the built-in OMNI Board 4.2 for added safety and usefulness.

This device's special design and resistance abilities make it a top choice among former heavy smokers for finding the right hit. Its long battery life also allows it to meet heavier usage demands.


Best Vape Tank for MTL




The VM tank comes in a few color and size choices. It's available in VM18, VM22 and VM25 sizes. It incorporates the latest technologies to give you reliability and convenience. These are the main features of the VM vape tank:

  • With a top-fill design, you don't have to worry about spills or messy filling.
  • The CCELL coil gives you consistency in both nicotine and flavor delivery.
  • It has a meshed coil with tea fiber composite.
  • The two smaller sizes have a capacity of 2 ml, and the largest size has a 3 ml capacity.

The VM tank is a good choice for MTL vaping because of its quality construction and size options. You can choose the size that fits your needs, and the unique coil design promotes tighter airflow for better MTL vape quality.


Enhance Your MTL Vaping Experience


With the right Vaporesso pen, pod or mouth to lung vape kit, you create a foundation for an optimal experience. After you have the right device, the main concern you have is to pick the right liquids for your desired effect. Remember that a higher PG content is ideal if you don't have a device that's specifically designed to process thicker liquids well. Once you figure out the right liquid consistency and nicotine strength for your needs, you can enjoy MTL vaping much more.