WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Where to Buy Vape Devices and Supplies

Once you’re vaping regularly, it’s good to know the best places to buy your supplies, refills, e-liquids and accessories. Vaping is an enjoyable hobby, and it’s fun to shop for supplies. It also just makes sense. You never want to run out of e-juice or refillable pods. It’s also an excellent idea to buy a backup device in case the one you’re using gets lost or damaged.




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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Vape Supplies?


You have two choices when it comes to stocking and restocking your vape habit. You can buy from a local vape store, or you can buy your supplies online. Surveys have found almost half of vapers regularly buy from a local retail store. A smaller percent buy exclusively from online sources.


Most people do a combination of both. Here are the benefits of each method.


Reasons to Shop at a Vape Shop Nearby


Ever asked yourself is there is a vape shop near me? Something a short, convenient drive or even walk from your home? Here’s why shopping local can be a great idea.




There’s nothing like going to the store and getting the new device or e-juice you want that same day. You don’t have to wait for delivery, you just walk in and walk out with it in your hot little hand. If you have a vape store near you, you can do that.


It’s also convenient for those times you’re out of e-juice and don’t have time to wait for your normal delivery. You might even discover something you like better.


Walk In and Visit


You don’t know what’s in your local store until you visit. Walk in, check out what’s available and see if it will be a good fit for your future needs.


What if you’re devoted to one particular brand and they don’t carry it? Talk to the store owner. Most vape shop owners are independent retailers who are happy to stock a new product if it means keeping you as a regular customer.


Personalized Service


If you want personalized service, a vape shop is the way to go. The owner and employees are knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about vaping. They’re happy to share their knowledge.


This is especially helpful if you’re new to vaping. The employees can help you pick a device, show you how to set up and use your device, let you sample e-juice flavors and otherwise personalize your shopping experience.


Ability to Support Local Businesses


Many of us want to support local businesses. Vape shops are an excellent example of a small neighborhood business that thrives on local support. There are no “big box” vape retailers, and you’re not supporting a faceless, corporate chain when you walk into one of these shops. Supporting independent stores supports your town’s entire economy.


Know What You’re Getting


In a vape store, you can see exactly what you’re buying. You can see the size and shape of a device. You can test how it feels in your hand. This is impossible to do online.


This is invaluable when you’re buying an e-juice. Buying an e-liquid in a store lets you read the ingredients, talk to the owner and even sample it before you buy.


When you buy an e-liquid online, you’re taking a gamble on what it might taste like. Unless you know that brand or flavor already, you have no idea if you will like it. Even reading the description may not help. The description may leave out one or two flavors, and those might be the flavors you dislike most.


Find a Community


Many vape shops have become community gathering spots for local vapers. If your shop offers a tasting area, you can meet fellow vapers in your neighborhood.


Member Discounts


Most vape shops now offer discounts to regular customers. Similar to the club card discounts at grocery stores, these entitle you to discounts or free products after a certain number of purchases. Some local stores also offer discounts to members of the military, college students and other groups.


Reasons to Buy Vape Supplies Online


The explosion in vape stores has naturally led to a corresponding explosion in online stores selling vape supplies, devices and e-juices. There are benefits to shopping online. Here are some chief ones.




You can’t beat the selection on most online sites. Although vape stores have an excellent selection, they can’t touch the huge number of product lines an online retailer carries. If you’re looking for a particular brand, it’s easier to find it online than to drive to all the vape shops in your town.


Their e-juice selection is usually extensive. Many vape shops only carry a few nicotine salts, but online retailers carry a lot. If you want to explore a wide range of e-liquid brands and flavors, online retailers are the best option.




Online shopping is easy. If you don’t have a car or you can’t shop during normal retail hours, your keyboard can do the shopping for you.


Ordering online also means you get the convenience of home delivery. You order, pay and sit back while your supplies get delivered to your door. You may typically have to wait a few days for delivery, but it’s still an easy option.


Member and Club Discounts


Online retailers also offer club and member discounts. These entitle you to discounts and free products if you order regularly.


Ratings and Reviews


Most online stores feature reviews by actual buyers of the product. If you’re unsure whether you’ll like something, the reviews are invaluable. A product with lots of four- and five-star reviews is probably something you can feel good about buying.


Can You Buy Vape Supplies on Amazon?


No, you can’t. Amazon has ended the sale of all products containing nicotine. The giant retailer sells no vape supplies, but it sells accessories such as vape cases.


Where to Find a Vape Shop Near Me


You’re ready to buy. Where do you find the right store?


You can find a vape shop easily by looking on Google Maps or a similar search function. Or better still check out our handy Store Locator to find a vape shop nearby. Just enter your location and the map will show you the vape stores near your location.


When you look for a vape shop nearby, be sure the store carries the product you want. Each store carries specific devices and e-juice brands. If you’re interested in a particular type or already use it, you don’t want to waste your time at that store.


If you find a local store you like, ask the owners if they can stock your favorites. They’re likely to stock products that have a loyal following.


What’s the Best Online Vape Store?


The best online vape stores offer the device and e-juice brands you want, affordable prices, user reviews and reliable shipping. There are hundreds of these retailers out there. There are also brick-and-mortar stores that sell online.


It’s impossible to list all the wonderful online retailers out there, but here’s a small sampling of online vape stores you should check out.


Best Online Vape Stores In the US

Best Online Vape Stores In the UK

Best Online Vape Stores In Indonesia

Best Online Vape Stores In France

Where to Find Vaporesso Products


If you’re looking specifically for Vaporesso products, you can find our retail partners around the world here. The online sites listed above all carry Vaporesso products, and of course you can buy online direct from the official Vaporesso shop.


Get Stocked Up to Enjoy Vaping


Knowing you have a working device, a backup device, refills and extra e-juice is the ticket to worry-free vaping. You can stock up at a local store, an online retailer or both.