Why vaping is one of the best smoking alternatives

Smokers are dwindling. In 2015, 17% of people described themselves as 'smokers', down from 19.3% the previous year, and the figure is still falling. A study in the UK showed that over a third of smokers tried to quit in 2016. Those who continue smoking are prone to higher risks of cancer, heart disease and stroke, so it's little wonder that people are scrambling for viable smoking alternatives. That's where vaping comes in. There are two things smokers are trying to weigh up before they make the switch to vaping though. First, is vaping actually healthier than smoking? And second, will it be as enjoyable as smoking. Let's review...

Are there healthy smoking alternatives?

Is there such a thing as a healthy alternative to smoking? There's a lot of doubt and confusion surrounding the subject, but research is starting to pour out. Some thing vaping is just bad as smoking. For example, there have been reports in the past few years that certain flavorings may harm sperm counts in men, but this is yet to be proven or published in a journal. On the flipside, there is growing consensus that vaping - while not 100% risk free - is one of the best smoking alternatives available. One glance at the Annals of Internal Medicine backs that up. Vaping is tobacco free for one, and nicotine-free vape juice is extremely popular. What's more, heavy ex-smokers are able to tailor the amount of nicotine the take in with each puff using a vaping kit, allowing them to slowly wean themselves off the stimulant. As smoking alternatives go, vaping is the one that is most promising as it can facilitate the complete cessation of nicotine addiction.

The enjoyment of smoking alternatives

Addiction is the main reason people smoke cigarettes, but it's not all about the nicotine. Many smokers get so used to the act of smoking over the years, that nothing else can take it's place. It's the action, the inhalation, the smell and the experience as a whole that keeps them picking up cigarettes. Non-smokers may not see the appeal, but if you've spent years smoking cigarettes you learn to love the experience and this can be a difficult thing to reverse.

The good news is the vaping certainly can be one of the most viable smoking alternatives. Smokers are typically drawn to a particular brand of cigarettes that they get used to. They get used to the smell, strength and potency of that particular brand and rarely deviate. They offer a 2 dimensional experience. Vaping, on the other hand, allows a fully customised experience. If you use a vaping kit with mods, it's possible to regulate the amount of nicotine in each draw and essentially replicate the same sensation you have while smoking - without the tobacco. You can choose various flavors, and gradually lower the amount of nicotine in your tank over a period of weeks or months. This means you can enjoy the experience of smoking with barely any of the risk. As smoking alternatives go, you can't really get any better than that.

Long term research into the health effects of vaping are still decades away, but cutting out tobacco and giving yourself a viable way to reduce the amount of nicotine you're taking in is a definite step in the direction. What's more, you can easily replicate the 'smoking experience' with a good vape kit once you've learned how to use it. You may even become a total vaping hobbyist, trying out different coils, tanks and batteries to get the perfect vaping experience. Some vapers spend weeks tinkering with their devices and getting the perfect unique vape can be a wholly rewarding experience.

Are you new to vaping? Has vaping helped you quit smoking cigarettes? If so we'd love to hear from you. For all the latest vaping news don't forget to check in occasionally, and get in touch if you have any questions about our vaping products.