Firmware for Mac system is online now!

By Eve Wang 25 Dec 2017

We are so glad to announce that the Mac firmware version for our whole product line is online now! Thanks all for your care and valuable feedback that made us doing better. Vaporesso pursuits better vaping experience all the way and now please just enjoy it with Mac system!


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Announcement of Switcher  with NRG

By Eve Wang 19 Dec 2017

  Dear Valued Partners,

We are pleased to inform that the newest member of Vaporesso family: Switcher with NRG would be ready for shipment end of this month. 

It was formerly known as Transformer NR during the promotion, thanks to the valuable feedback from you, we have come up with the name Switcher with NRG that truly speaks for itself.  We would like to thank you for the loving the functionality, and there would be more replaceable cases that vaper could switch easily into different styles in the very near future. We believe that this is the device that makes the vaping different.  

We would like to thank you for inspiring Vaporesso continuously, and at Vaporesso, we stay focused on providing innovative and reliable vaping devices. 

Wish you a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year. 

Vaporesso Vape On!

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We are glad to present you the brand new Tarot Nano with the OMNI Board 2.0! With this upgraded several amazing new features are available for your vaping experience.


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With more our fans start vaping with Revenger kit and NRG(mini) tank, more users had found out the pleasure to enjoy the experience under different modes.


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Revenger Kit Firmware Guidance

By Eve Wang 3 Aug 2017

*There are 2 version of the Firmware are available for the Revenger Kit, before you upgrade it to your device please check the firmware version by pressing the fire and mode button simultaneously for 2 seconds.


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The Revenger kit with our newest OMNI board 2.0 provides quite a lot of great features in each upgrade. To enjoy it, please firstly make sure you choose the correct firmware for your device!


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We at Vaporesso are extremely proud to present the Omni Board 2.0 – an upgraded version of the Omni Board! Based on the original OMNI BOARD, the OMNI BOARD 2.0 is multi-functionally upgraded aiming at the device itself, operating system security and stability, flavor and experience of human-machine interface from the software and hardware aspects. Its functional features are as follows:



Your Revenger Kit will be shipping

By Eve Wang 23 Jun 2017

We would like to thank you for the love to Vaporesso products, esp. the new Revenger Kit and many of you has been asking when it would be available. Here comes the good news: Your Revenger Kit would be shipping from next week on, available in Black, Blue and Red. Please reach out to your device supplier and get one!

Enjoy this weekend and you may be spending the next weekend with the Revenger Kit!

Vaporesso Revenger Kit, Above & Beyond!

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Important Pricing Statement

By Eve Wang 16 Jun 2017

Dear Valued Partners:

It has came to our attention that recently the Revenger Kit has been available on various online sites at different pricing. At Vaporesso, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify that please follow the MSRP of Revenger Kit now available in Black/Red/Blue colors respectively. (

It is exciting to see how popular the Revenger Kit is and we have every confidence that the vaper would find it very satisfactory, while we would like to remind you to buy from reliable channel. If there is any question on where to buy, it is hoped that the Global Partner at our official site could be helpful to find the authorized distribution partner in your region. ( /)

If you have any questions regarding the pricing of Revenger Kit and or where to buy, please contact us at and or

Thank you for continued support to Vaporesso.

Vaporesso Marketing Team

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In order to defend the recent global computer virus, our email service provider had upgraded the level of security rules, which caused higher email blocking rate during this period. Now the email is working fine again. If your email is not been replied in a long time, it might be blocked and please just re-send it to us so we can back to you sooner. Thanks for your support and understanding!


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