Vaporesso TPD Products List Announcement


Vaporesso is delighted to announce that it has successfully submitted TPD Article 20.2 notifications for its entire product range.


Our commitment to compliance with the TPD is evidenced by an investment in science, product testing and compliance services totalling tens of thousands of dollars.


Vaporesso Director of Marketing Eve Wang said:


"The Vaporesso compliance team worked diligently and methodically to make sure that all of our products were notified in conformity with the EU submission system well ahead of the deadline on 20 November.


Our customers can now buy from us with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully notified as required by the TPD."


The fully TPD notified range from Vaporesso includes the following products and more to come:

Vaporesso ID  TPD Product ID 
Target mini Kit  01110-16-10001
Target pro kit 01110-16-10002
Attitude kit 01110-16-10004
Tarot Nano kit 01110-16-10005
Nebula kit 01110-16-10007
VECO ONE 01110-16-10009
Drizzle kit 01110-16-10011
Guardian tank 01110-16-20001
Target Pro tank 01110-16-20002
Estoc tank 01110-16-20005
Estoc mega tank 01110-16-20004
VECO Tank  01110-16-20012
Nalu RDA 01110-16-20010
Transformer RDA 01110-16-20011
Drizzle tank 01110-16-20009
GD coil -0.6 ohm 01110-16-30001
GD coil -0.5 ohm 01110-16-30002
cCELL coil-0.5ohm 01110-16-30003
cCELL coil-0.6ohm 01110-16-30004
cCELL coil-0.9ohm 01110-16-30006
EUC ceramic coil 0.5ohm 01110-16-30007
EUC ceramic coil 0.6ohm 01110-16-30008
EUC ceramic coil 0.3ohm 01110-16-30009
EUC traditional claptom 0.4ohm 01110-16-30010
EUC traditional claptom 0.5ohm 01110-16-30011
EUC traditional claptom 0.3ohm 01110-16-30012
EUC MTL ceramic 1.3ohm 01110-16-30013
EUC MTL clapton 1.4ohm 01110-16-30014
Ceramic SS316 1.3ohm 01110-16-30015
EUC ceramic coil 0.5ohm with sleeve 01110-16-30016
EUC ceramic coil 0.6ohm with sleeve 01110-16-30017
EUC traditional claptom 0.4ohm with sleeve 01110-16-30019
EUC traditional claptom 0.5ohm with sleeve  01110-16-30020

France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, Spain, United Kingdom.We have notified the products in the following countries:


We will continue to serve our distribution partners and vapers within EU with our fully TPD compliant and notified range. 


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