Eco Universal Coil, A New Game Changer to Vaping

Here at Vaporesso, we spend countless hours researching and developing the most innovative technology for vapers to utilize. Our goal is to always develop the highest quality and most rewarding products on the market. In our determination to find the next best product that would change the vaping game again, while benefiting all vapers, we have come up with our EUC Eco Universal Coil. For those that have ever had issues changing coils on your vape tank, or for those that have encountered trouble finding the right match for your tank, we have your solution. We are very proud to present the EUC!

The ECO Universal Coil (EUC) is specially engineered to keep the sleeve while replacing the EUC in a very convenient and affordable way. This new technology is what the vape industry has been searching for. The EUC delivers clouds and fresh flavor and will perform on a large setting range. It is smaller, easier to handle and carry, yet just as performant as its larger counterpart. EUC allows you to choose between a ceramic and a cotton wick to your preference and a series of resistances


we often get this question: “how often should you change the coil?”.  There are a few factors that come into play, such as how often do you vape, or how long has the tank been sitting. But the one thing that we consistently know is with a new coil, you will get a better flavor and experience. You can change the EUC coil as often as you wish! Not long ago, a vaper would have to replace the entire coil unit, and often, vapers felt that this was very pricey. The EUC coil makes the process simple while saving you money. By only replacing the minimal parts and keeping the original metal sleeve, you save money and avoid any waste! The patented design is highly compatible with a metal sleeve option which makes it fit into the mainstream atomizers on the market! 


EUC technology is the answer to what vaper needs; you now have a coil which is: very easy to replace, long-lasting and light, offers you many options (different resistance levels and wick material), way more affordable, easy on the environment, dependable and safe to use, and guaranteeing the best possible taste of your juice. It is the upgrade you can’t afford to skip on, So, what are you waiting for? Visit us online at and start using the ECO today!


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