Giant Dual Vape Tank

Vape pros take notice! Huge capacity, unique triple coil atomizer, tank & RTA in one

Pro vapers searching for high temperature vaping and huge clouds need to look no further: The Giant Dual Tank is a beast!

It beats other tanks easily by comfortably operating at 150+W, and boasts a large easy-to-use top-filling 4.5ml tank to support the massive clouds produced at these high powers.

Better still, It includes the convenience of a tank, with the customisability of and RTA. Pros who have no time to mess with settings etc can just enjoy their vaping and blow away all comers with their epic vapor.
gd_1.jpg gd_2.jpg IMG_8938.jpg IMG_8941.jpg

Steel: 44.9 USD (MSRP)
Black: 46.9 USD (MSRP)

Giant Dual Tank & RTA at a glance

  • 3ml.png

    Giant 3 ml capacity

  • temperature-1.png

    Operates comfortably at 140W

  • tank_atomizer.png

    Tank atomizer for simple use

  • rta.png

    RTA removable deck to fit your builds

  • no_dry_hits.png

    Tank chamber window prevents dry hits

  • tank_mooring.png

    510 thread for maximum compatibility

  • ccell_x3.png

    Includes triple CCELL coil

  • drip_tip.png

    Drip tip

  • top_fill.png

    Easy top-fill

  • leak_free_design.png

    Leak-free design for a cleaner vaping experience

  • bottom_airflow.png

    Large bottom airflow ports

  • black_and_stainless_steel.png

    Available in black and stainless steel

  • seals.png


  • screws.png


  • allen_key.png

    Allen key


Ultimate flexibility

Aside from the high power support, the Giant Dual Tank also:

  • Switches between a tank and an RTA depending on your requirements, with an adaptable velocity deck included
  • Eliminates leakage and overfilling
  • Comes equipped with a triple CCELL coil at a tiny 0.15 ohm resistance
  • Has an effective large bottom airflow  
  • Large drip tip and wide chimney combination which is essential for getting a lot of vapour out of the chamber

This is the tank to use for serious vapers who are looking for bigger clouds and bolder tastes from their vaping. Don’t accept less, try the Giant Dual Tank.

Once you go CCELL you’ll never go back

Vaporesso’s CCELL coil is a real game changer.

This revolutionary porous ceramic coil delivers the truest taste of your e-juice in comparison to a cotton wick which can taint your hit as it is easy to burn out.

The CCELL can handle higher heats than competing coils, producing more vapour and a true taste, untainted by any unpleasant burning.

It was developed to provide:

  • A non spit experience
  • No dry hits
  • Far more durable coils with a longer life cycle
  • True taste
  • TCR compatible
  • ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety

The CCELL is truly beyond the ordinary, providing better performance than standard coils and is highly compatible.
Try the CCELL and enjoy its taste and performance. You won’t go back!




Coil Type Wire Resistance Recommended Wattage
Ceramic SS316 0.15Ω 60-140W


How does it compare to other tanks?

The giant Dual tank is a large tank who’s main difference from the rest is its TRIPLE coil, allowing it to perform easily at over 135 watts for maximum vapor production and a satisfactory drag. also our Giant dual provides the user the option to turn it into an RTA by replacing the coil with a rebuildable dec.

What atomizers/coils go with it?

The coils used in this tank are our 3C CCELL, triple coil, or when preferred a rebuildable deck can turn it into an RTA by fitting right into its place.

What mod is the best match for it?
Ideally a powerful mod, (see our tarot pro for instance) because of its demanding power-thirst. Match it with a medium-large mod capable of performing at at least 150W.
What’s the CCELL coil really about?
The CCELL is what Vaporesso created with the purpose of giving a true solution to the downsides of using a cotton wick. With the porous ceramic our coil is provided the best and the safest channel to direct the liquid to the coil, untainted.