VECO One All-In-One Vape Kit


Just Vape with this sleek and professional vaping kit.


The VECO One kit includes everything you need to just vape, its futuristic, sleek metallic looks make it perfect for the executive on the go. The smooth vape pen shape includes a removable VECO tank and an on-board rechargeable 1500mAh battery providing a fixed setting at a meaty 40W of power.

This vaping kit has all of the benefits of starter vaping kits, such as ease of use, no mess, and simple settings, but also professional looks not always found with all-in-one vapes.

VECO one vape kit VECO one vape kit VECO one vape kit VECO one vape kit VECO one vape kit

Steel: 28 USD (MSRP)

Black: 28.9 USD (MSRP)

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VECO One Kit at a Glance

  • battery.png

    1500mAh rechargeable battery

  • revolutionary_essential_design-01.png

    Sleek metallic body

  • 2ml leak proof VECO tank

    2ml leak proof VECO tank

  • complete_target_pro_tank.png

    Tank window

  • top_airflow.png

    Adjustable top airflow

  • wattage.png

    40W power

  • power_button.png

    Power button

  • Sub ohm vaping

    Sub ohm vaping

  • micro_usb.png

    Micro USB charging

  • top_fill.png

    Easy top fill

  • drip_tip.png

    Derlin drip tip

  • Eco friendly EUC coil system

    Eco friendly EUC coil system

  • euc.png

    Ceramic EUC 0.3Ω coil pre-installed

  • different_coils.png

    Extra Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω EUC coil

  • Lower cost coils = affordable vaping

    Lower cost coils = affordable vaping

  • tpd_compliant.png

    TPD compliant

Veco Tank Features

How to fill the Veco tank juice.png

The easiest way to change coils

how to replace the Veco tank coil-1.png

The Old Days v.s EUC Now


One of the most frequently discussed question in vaping is how often do i need to change the coil, though it all depends on your own preference, still it is poved that with a new coil, it tends to deliver better flavor thus a better experience.

When Vaporesso launced the EUC, it is meant to answer the question of how often the coils needs to be changed, once and for all:

Change it as you wish.

Instead of changing the complete coil typically with metal sleeves as it used to be, with EUC, you only need to change the minimal part that is with heating elements while maintaining the metal sleeve at a reasonable cost and avoid any waste.

ECO Vaping, start now!

VECO one vape kit

Look at the metal and money
you could save with EUC!

What Atomisers does it work with?


Currently it is available in ceramic and traditional in various resistances for different performance.


EUC vape coil ceramic and traditional

More about EUC


The patented design itself is highly compatible with a metal sleeve option available,
fitting into the mainstream atomizers in the market, performing at the right settings.

EUC vape coils in detail


Coil Type Wire Resistance Recommended Wattage
Ceramic SS316 0.3Ω 35-40W
Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω 35-40W

What's inside the VECO one vape kit box?

Inside the VECO one vape kit box


Veco One KIT Contents:
1x Veco one plus kit with Ceramic EUC pre-installed 
1x Extra Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω EUC coil 
1x USB to micro-USB cable