Guardian One Vape Starter Kit

Simple Vaping Pleasure

The Guardian One is the future’s vape kit.

Its futuristic silver metallic design and the Matte Black elevate it above boring cousins you may have seen, and makes it perfect for the executive on the go.

Vape kits don’t have to be for tech geeks - many vapers are vaping for pleasure and as a safer alternative to smoking. They don’t want or need a bulky mod with many settings.

The Guardian One includes everything you need to just vape and go.

The sleek vape pen shape includes a removable Guardian tank and an on-board 1400mAh rechargeable battery providing a fixed setting at 40W of power, more than adequate for a satisfying hit, without being an extremely high, battery sapping, ‘competition standard’ power.

vaporesso_guardian_one_1.jpg vaporesso_guardian_one_6.jpg 2016-07-01_11.39.36.jpg vaporesso_guardian_one_4.jpg vaporesso_guardian_one_5.jpg

Steel/Black: 45 USD (MSRP)

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Guardian One Vape Starter Kit at a glance

Guardian One Mod:

  • guardian_body.png

    Futuristic metallic body

  • 75w.png


  • power_button.png

    Power button

  • micro_usb.png

    Micro USB connected charging

  • battery.png

    Internal 1400mAh rechargeable battery

Guardian One Tank

  • guardian_body.png

    Guardian tank

  • removable.png


  • never_overfills.png

    Never overfills

  • tank_window.png

    Tank window to check level of e-juice

  • drip_tip.png

    510 drip tip

  • top_fill.png

    Easy top-fill with coil remaining inside the tank

  • leak_free_design.png

    Leak-free design for a cleaner vaping experience

  • tpd_compliant.png


  • child_lock_double.png

    Double child locking mechanism

Patented Ccell Ceramic Coil

  • max_flavour.png

    Maximum flavor

  • no_dry_hits.png

    No dry hits

  • burnt_cotton.png

    No burnt cotton

  • longer_life_cycle.png

    Longer life-cycle

  • ccell-1.png

    CCELL Technology


Guardian One: Vaping easily and safely


The Guardian One is also safe.
It uses short circuit protection, prevents overheating, is programmed to never overcharge, and is provided with a inhale "cut-off" at 10 seconds.

The included 2ml Guardian tank is also extra secure:

  • No leak design
  • Top filling - cannot overflow
  • CCELL inside for optimal taste and flavour from your e-juice
  • Double child lock - tamper proof from kids

The Guardian One is the future of e-cigarettes - stay one step ahead of the trend and enjoy affordable vaping with this all-in-one, easy to use, and safe vape starter kit.

Once you go CCELL you’ll never go back

Vaporesso’s CCell coil is a real game changer.

This revolutionary porous ceramic coil delivers the truest taste of your e-juice in comparison to a cotton wick which can taint your hit.

It was developed to provide:

  • A non spit experience
  • No dry hits
  • Far more durable coils with a longer life cycle
  • True taste
  • Available in different metals to suit your preferences
  • TCR compatible
  • ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety

The CCELL is truly beyond the ordinary, providing better performance than standard coils and is highly compatible, working with almost any standard vapes.
Try the CCELL and enjoy its taste and performance. You won’t go back!

Standard CCELL

0.9 Ohms Kanthal

0.2 Ohms Nickel

0.5 Ohms Stainless Steel

0.6 Ohms Stainless Steel

0.15 Ohms (Triple head) Stainless Steel  - Giant Dual

0.5 & 1.4 Ohms Stainless Steel - Guardian Tank



Coil Type Wire Resistance Recommended Wattage
Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W


What wattage can it handle?
Our Guardian one is set to perform at 40 watts of output, just what our 0.5 resistance coil for the Guardian tank can handle, making your vape intense, and yet noticeably balanced.
How long will the battery last?

The battery density as provided with this device is around 1400 mAh, a great compromise to benefit safety and avoid overheating thanks to its high continuous current resistance.

How long before I replace my coil?

Our CCELL coils are made with the purpose of not only delivering a cleaner juice taste, untainted, but also to last you longer than regular cotton. A good way to tell when it’s time is when the taste starts to “fade away” or, visually, when it presents a dark and saturated wall.

Whats so special?

The thing that makes our Guardian One so special is the chance to match one of our greatest tanks (leakproof, TPD compliant, childproof) to a simple straight up mod for beginners and pros who wanna take a break from the experiments, and lay back.