Advanced vaping: trends in the vape mods game

Now that you’ve become aware of the infinitely expanding world of experiences that vaping has to offer, there are some trends in the advanced vaping game that could help you make the next step on your vape journey.

Here we’ll take a look at some hot trends in the mod vaping game that you may want to add to your list of vape products and experiences to try out.Vape mods are probably the one thing that has skyrocketed the modern industry from a small-scale alternative to smoking to a multi-billion dollar business of its own in merely a decade. This is because vaping is not simply a diversion from the health risks of smoking tobacco, but has become an art form in its own right.

To this end, it is naturally pursued by perfectionists, who are constantly seeking ways to improve, enhance and customize their experience to their own evolving tastes.

This is what the mod vaping experience offers.

Vape Batteries

Vape batteries

The choice of battery is one of the most crucial aspects affecting how your vape will perform. That said, there are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding what you want out of your vape experience.

Things like wattage, operating temperature, battery life and rate of discharge will all, at some stage, come to determine what you get out of your customized vape experience. One of the main reasons for choosing an advanced vaping battery is that they generally tend to result in higher vapour production and a better strength of vape.

High wattage vaping is currently a big trend in the industry, with vapers pushing for a stronger, more fulfilling experience. High-wattage batteries come in between the 90-100W range. Competitive vapers are also pushing for bigger clouds of vapour to perform tricks, and this is where high performing batteries come into play.

However, for the recreational vaper, it is perhaps safer and more recommended to use variable voltage mods where you can regulate the strength of the vape. Variable voltage devices have become a big trend in the industry for the simple reason that they offer on-hand customization and regulation of the vape experience - essential to experimenting with vaping as an art form.


vape clouds

Sub-ohming is vape terminology for using a vape atomizer in your mod that is capable of performing at a resistance level of 1.0 ohm.

The trend in sub-ohming has exploded because these types of vape atomizers produce giant vapour clouds, which in the vaping game is, you know, impressive. Another advantage of sub-ohming is that it produces a stronger than regular vape output. The combination of these two factors is what makes it so appealing to the experimental vape community.

In the past, sub-ohming was really only accessible to dedicated vapers who were willing to make their own builds with RTAs specific to how they wanted their vape to perform.

The good news is that the trend in sub-ohming has resulted in some sub-ohm specific products coming out which makes it all the more accessible to vapers wanting to explore this realm. Sub-ohm tanks are the most accessible component to add to your vape mod and try out this exploding trend.

Before you try out any of these trends, we recommend that you do a little bit of your own research first, to discover more about what you’re looking for. Of course, that research includes vaping for yourself. You’ll then know when you’re ready to take the leap to the next level of the vaping world.

The exciting part is that the trends are only going to drive better and more advanced products into the market, and so there will be more for you to experiment with when you get here. We look forward to seeing you in the world of advanced vaping!