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How to Change Vaporesso GEN Settings

Unlike cigarette smoking with its limited options, vaping allows users an endless array of ways to tailor flavor, cloud production, and overall experience to their individual preferences. The key to this customization is understanding and properly manipulating the settings on your vape device. Devices like the Vaporesso GEN vape mod put multiple modes, output controls, and feature options at your fingertips, allowing vapers to truly make their equipment their own. This article serves as a roadmap to changing and adjusting the settings on your GEN vaporizer. Whether you just unboxed your new mod or have been using it for months, read on to learn how to get more control and personalization out of the device.


Vaporesso GEN: Everything You Should Know

Before diving into the settings menu, it’s important to understand devices like the new GEN 200/80S mod by Vaporesso. Powered by the advanced AXON 2.0 chip, it delivers up to 220W for satisfying direct-lung vaping. The kit includes multiple GTi coils optimized specifically for high-wattage direct lung draws, including a 0.15-ohm mesh coil rated for 75-90W, a 0.2-ohm coil for 60-75W, and a 0.4-ohm coil for 50-60W range.


Paired with the 8ml GTi tank, features like the liquid self-cleaning system, turbo airflow, and convenient top slide filling allow you to reap flavors and clouds with each hit. Vapers who enjoy direct lung clouding sessions will appreciate the airflow flexibility.


Its pulse mode capabilities provide thoughtfully calibrated taste and cloud balance by preventing oversaturation. The full-featured 0.96” display delivers key real-time data for the discerning vaper like wattage, voltage, resistance, and battery levels. Four quick-access nav buttons make switching between manual wattage, temp control, pulse mode, and DIY performance tuning intuitive on the GEN 200/80S.


Understanding how to manipulate settings requires first knowing how to power the device on and access basic functions. Most issues arise from user error rather than device defect, so master basics like turning the device on and off as well as battery access and safety. Always use properly rated batteries for the GEN and invest in an external charger for battery longevity and safety.

Vaporesso GEN: Everything You Should Know

Basic Operations of Vaporesso GEN Settings

1. Turning On and Off

Like most advanced vape mods, the GEN has a five-click-on/off function to prevent accidental powering on such as in a pocket or bag. To turn the device on, rapidly click the fire button five times. The colorful Vaporesso logo display appears signaling it has powered up. To turn it off, repeat this process of five clicks.


The GEN has a 10-second cutoff limit while vaping to prevent overheating if the fire button is held down too long. It will resume vapor production once the button is clicked again.


2. Understanding the Display

The GEN’s bright OLED screen delivers key vaping metrics in an easy-to-read graphical interface:

  • Battery Life Icon: Displays estimated battery life remaining.
  • Output Wattage: Shows current wattage output level.
  • Output Voltage: Displays real-time voltage being pulled from the battery.
  • Resistance: Shows detected resistance (ohms) of installed coils.
  • Puff Counter: Tracks lifetime and session puff counts.

The secondary lower display shows the selected vaping mode setting. Learning to navigate these modes is the key to customizing your vaping experience.


3. Adjusting Vaping Modes

One of the GEN’s most useful features is its variety of vaping modes. These preset configurations are optimized for different styles of vaping and coil setups. By selecting the mode that matches your atomizer choice and personal preference, you benefit from a consistently pleasing experience every time you pick up your GEN.


4. Accessing Mode Settings

Pressing the mode setting button allows switching between the different options. Tapping the fire button selects and locks in the desired mode. The secondary display confirms your selection.

Getting to know the capabilities of each setting enables choosing what works best for you:

  • Pulse Mode: Pulse maintains a balance between flavor and cloud intensity. Fluctuating power delivery prevents oversaturation of wicks for better consistency.
  • Power Eco Mode: Power ECO improves battery life by employing power curves and preheat functions with economy in mind. Well suited to moderate output vaping.
  • Smart TC Mode: Made to maximize use with temperature control coils (Ni, Ti, SS), Smart TC applies a dynamic power curve for steady output throughout a draw. It eliminates dry hits or wasted power.
  • DIY Mode: Vapers who build their atomizers and tinker with customizing their experience mechanical-mod-style will enjoy DIY mode. It applies basic consistent power output with no safety guardrails.

Additional modes like RBA provide similar focused benefits for the type of atomizer used. Feel free to experiment with each to discover optimal setups for tanks, RDAs, RTAs, and more. Keep notes on which modes provide the satisfaction you seek from nic salt pods to cloud chasing!


5. Customizing User Settings

While mode presets work very well, the GEN provides customizable options for vapers who like to tinker further. Access these by pressing the fire and mode buttons simultaneously to enter the settings menu portal. Press fire to select options and mode button to scroll through the sub-menus at the bottom of the screen:

  • Smart VW: Fine-tune wattage levels in 0.1 increments for nuanced preference detection.
  • Smart TC: Perfect for enthusiasts who build specialty TC coils with stainless steel, nickel, titanium, or even more exotic metals. Adjust TCR settings and warmup behaviors for a smooth experience.
  • Power Boost: Increase or decrease ramp-up times. Faster heat-up prevents flooding and spit back. Some low-power small devices benefit from slower acceleration.
  • Power Curve: Vapers who enjoy the custom craft of coil building should experiment with fine-tuning the power curve which determines power distribution throughout a draw. Down the line power compensation prevents weak vapor.
  • Resistance Lock: Fluctuations and changing temperature during a session can alter displayed resistances leading to unwanted variation. Lock your baseline resistance while coils are at room temperature for consistency.

These advanced options enable next-level personalization through experimentation to maximize enjoyment from your GEN. Always adjust gradually and monitor changes to understand impacts rather than applying extreme settings blindly. Record-keeping goes a long way!

Basic Operations of Vaporesso GEN Settings

Advanced Features and Functions of Vaporesso GEN Settings

Harnessing the full breadth of the GEN’s offerings provides room to grow your vaping journey without needing to upgrade devices. You can access next-level custom builds while applying smart protections as you expand your experience over time.


1. Bypass Mode

Bypass mode transforms your regulated GEN mod into a mechanical-style experience requiring diligent battery safety and coil/wick configuration. With power curves suspended and protections off, it provides raw power akin to mech mods. Use only if experienced with battery safety fundamentals and Ohm’s law.


2. Firmware Updates

Vaporesso frequently improves the GEN through firmware updates accessible on their website. Connecting your mod to your computer allows simple upgrading that enables new features and modes ensuring your device stays modern. Updates also often fix bugs and improve performance.


3. Battery Settings

Configure display behaviors correlating to remaining battery charge including adjusting brightness and power allotments. As battery bars decrement, the GEN provides stepped-down output to retain usability until a charge is possible. It prevents over-draining which shortens lifespan.


4. Pulse Mode+

Built on the original beloved pulse algorithm, Pulse+ adds nuance by allowing on-device fine-tuning of wave style, amplitude, frequency, and more for each individual draw. Experiment freely with the visual configurator even during mid-vape for precision!


5. Safety First

While temp control inherently improves safety by regulating extreme coil temperatures that lead to burns and byproducts, exercising basic precautions also optimizes enjoyment. Let your tank and battery cool down between chain vaping sessions. Lock appropriate resistances for accurate performance. Utilize battery protections like cutoffs and step-downs. Choose quality e-liquids from reputable vendors. Knowing your device protects even user error and delivers confidence to innovate.

Advanced Features and Functions of Vaporesso GEN Settings

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Learning any new technology comes with minor setbacks and questions along the way. Changing settings on your GEN will sometimes lead to rare issues that are easily solved.


1. Settings Not Saving Properly

If settings revert despite adjusting and selecting modes or custom configurations, the device likely needs to have resistance locked in correctly. Failing to lock ohms can confuse the GEN as it detects drift.


2. Battery or Connection Issues

Check battery wraps for damage if auto-protections trip prematurely. Keep contacts clean and swap atomizers to determine if resistance changes trigger warnings. Upgrading firmware also resolves many false errors.


3. Error Readings on Display

reading ERR generally indicates the GEN isn’t communicating properly with atomizers. Ensure coils glow evenly and posts/threads are not loose causing shorts leading to mistakes.


4. Performance Problems

If experiencing poor vapor quality, restricted draws, or flooding across settings, examine builds, wicks, and airflow paths before tweaking modes. Tailor settings to match your equipment builds for success.


When in doubt, use the fire button 5-click feature to force shut down then restart your GEN to allow proper automated re-reading and resetting of attachments for a fresh baseline.


Unleash Your Vaping Potential!

Tired of boring default settings on vapes that just don't satisfy? Well, the Vaporesso GEN changes all that. Its smart technology makes personalized vaping easy, allowing you to tweak wattages, temperatures, airflow, and more to unlock flavors, clouds, and sensations that basic kits could never touch. So, ditch those overcomplicated mods and unlock the GEN's simple customization for a pairing that's perfect for you. Your vaping dreams await - take control today with the GEN's advanced vape matching made effortless.