How to Increase Vape Store Sales

With the new vape regulations coming into effect in many cities last year, the vape industry faced quite a challenge but managed to blow through it.This post will look at fresh, conventional and tested ways in which vape store owners are shown how to increase vape store sales. We will look at the marketing of the product right up until the user experience and give you expert vape store tips. Read on to increase those profits. 

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How to Increase Vape Store Sales

how to increase vape store sales

Bloomberg has predicted that the vaping industry will grow to an estimated 100 billion dollar industry by 2020 and to 500 billion dollars by 2030. Although this upward trend sounds promising, that alone is not enough to secure sales. Here are some vape store tips on how to increase vape store sales:


1. Enhance the User Experience

Purchasing a vape shouldn't be an event, it should be an experience. The consumer needs to go through a myriad of feelings when buying a vape. This experience will cause them to feel an affinity to you.

This user journey needs to be represented in look and feel in your physical store, online store, website and all platforms. Each click should be a different adventure. The way in which you can create this journey is by ensuring that the branding is consistent on all platforms. This creates a sense of familiarity and increases brand awareness.

Your vape store should ‘humanize’ itself in order to create loyal support rather than just one stop consumers. This can be done by engaging with future consumers, current ones and others who are just curious about the product on digital platforms like TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Engagements should be done in real time and there shouldn't be automated or generic responses. The user experience should also be able to be documented - create hashtags, use insta-frames, photo booths and other gimmick like tricks to get the consumer to unassumingly create a hype for you. It's subtle yet effective.


2. Involve Influencers in your Campaign

vape influencers

Using someone like Leonardo Di Caprio, who is considered as an influencer rather than a celebrity can result in an increase in customers. He is a regular vaper, he doesn’t punt any vape brand, he is cool, and he has over 30 million followers on his social media platforms.

Your brand could also make use of people like the ‘Wizards of Vape’ who are famous on YouTube for being able to do insane vape tricks! You could send them your products and get them to do a review and tricks with the product on their channel. They will also use their personal social media platforms to document their experience. Their viewers and followers will want in on the action and head to your store.


3. Don’t Use One Size Fits All Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when a generic, made for all campaign would work. Our consumers are now smarter, more informed, less gullible and expect more. They speak out more as there are more platforms available for them to do so. Campaigns need to be alterted and targeted in order to meet each demographic.

Use research and analysis to determine what works best for who and how to implement those best practices. You need to be aware of the stage your buyer is in, that is, are they a begiiner or an experienced vaper? That will be a deciding factor in what product they need and how that product is advertised to them.

A good example of targeted marketing would be to direct different pieces of content to different users, such as for beginners. Content for beginners would start with the basics like jargon and terminology and then goes on to guide the user on vaping and on how to choose a vape. For the more experienced user, more relatable guides should be provided.


4. Increase Your Scope

Another one of the vape store tips is to expand your target audience and to invite new customers and users. For example, use affiliations with medical practitioners and hypnotherapists. Educate them on the product and have them registered to distribute it. They can use it for users who are trying to quit smoking. This would reduce the stigma and stereotypes of those who do vaporize.


5. Create a Sense of Fraternity

friends enjoying vaping

Human nature has embedded the 'safety in numbers' notion in our brains. Creating a platform and an opportunity for like-minded people or people who all enjoy vaping to engage with each other will result in increased sales. If you provide the platform, you will be able to monitor, to nurture and to influence it. For example, a question like, ‘How was your transition from smoking cigarettes to using a vape’ on Reddit could elicit a vast response. Also, ‘real people’ blogs could be useful. A person who has just started using a vaporizer and who has just stopped using cigarettes could do a journal like blog over a few weeks to share his journey with others.


6. Keeping up with the Trends:

Stay up to date with all the trends in the industry and be sure to have the latest offerings first! Get involved on different vape forms and vape communities and share out content regularly.   Our new blog posts are uploaded every week.


These are just a few ways in which Vaporesso think you can increase your vape store sales in 2017. Do you have any tips that have worked for you in your experience? If you wish to know more about a certain point or would like to add to the list, please feel free to comment below.

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