The Top 5 Things Vape Stores REALLY Want!

In the US alone, more than 20 million people – about 1 in 10 adults – have tried vaping and that number is quickly growing. An industry that is barely 10 years old, is seeing a tidal wave of vape stores appear in every shape and form.

From stand-alone kiosks to high-end vaporiums, vape shops now cater for their customers every demand.

Success, however, is not without its challenges. Higher demand leads to greater competition and victory goes to the distributor who successfully navigates these infested waters by understanding exactly what it is that vape stores want and how to give it to them.


They want the latest technology, FIRST!

From the very first moment mankind could define and articulate value, we began an unrelenting pursuit of the latest and greatest tech that the world had to offer. It became a sign of status to be a part of that first group of people to own something that no one else did. The humble vape shop is no different.  

Although the technology is pretty simple, it is continuously being redesigned and improved upon. Staying competitive means that vape stores consistently need their shelves stocked with the latest updates and newest models to keep their customers happy. Anything else just won’t do.


They want competitive and consistent pricing.

In an industry experiencing high growth and where customers have a variety of convenient shopping options, having competitive pricing is essential to survival. Comparisons have become easy to make and customers have very little problem switching to the cheaper alternative. 

Distributors can create maximum value for their vape dealers by ensuring that pricing is consistent across their various retail outlets and that stores are able to achieve a healthy margin.


They want promo vapes to give away to their customers.

Stocking a brand is one thing, selling it is another. Most customers are weary of moving away from brands and products they trust and know, which means handing over valuable retail space can be difficult for vape stores to do. 

This is where an age old marketing trick comes handy: free promo vapes. A little goodwill goes a long way. Giving stores some free merchandise to give to their customers not only adds value to the end user but also shows them that the distributor believes in their product and is willing to prove it. 

In an industry where there is a lot of choice, it becomes easy for vape brands to get lost and forgotten amongst all the noise. Giving out free vape products is an easy and simple way to build trust and stand out from the crowd.


They want support from their distributors. 

Making the sale is only part of the story. Stores also need to ensure that their after sales customer service is quick and efficient, should anything go wrong. How they handle problems does more for their customer loyalty than anything else.

Vape distributors need to be aware of how they can play a vital part in supporting the stores that stock their products. Reducing delivery lead times, ensures stores get quick access to the products their customers are requesting. It also reduces the risk of stock outs and the resulting loss of income.  

After sales service is a great way for vape distributors to build trust and play a vital supporting roll to ensure stores keep their customers happy.


They want the best mods and accessories.

Vape mods have taken on a life of their own. The subculture of “cloud-chasers” demand the very best as they pursue the ultimate “cloud” producing machines. This dedicated group of vapers has become a profitable segment for vape stores to target and therefor needs to remain a top priority for distributors looking to grow their business.

Customisation is everything! Vape mods can offer a significant advantage for the brands who can offer a selection that is well priced and reliable. Ensuring stores are well stocked gives them the opportunities to meet their customers varied budgets and requirements and ultimately helps them achieve the goal of creating “Happy Vapers”!

For distributors who are trying to establish themselves in the vape industry, it has become essential to develop transparent collaborative relationships with the vape shops they supply. Keeping these stores happy means understanding what they need to keep their customers coming back. It also means transcending the traditional “buy and sell” mentality to provide vape stores with the additional support they need to sell products and keep their customers happy.


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