WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Renova Zero Test by Power User

First impression for physical appearance


I was immidiately surprised by the weight and sturdy feel of the Zero. The frame feels extremely strong like it would do great in a pocket every day and it is much heavier than I would have expected for it’s size. The brushed steel look is very sleek and refined and I quite like the black accents on the sides. The laser etched logos are subtle and might be a little too light but they look nice. The bonus little refillable unicorn bottle is great and can be super useful, especially since the capacity of each pod is so small. The magnets that hold the pod in feel great.


Testing Environment



Device Model: Renova Zero


Coil Type: Kanthal Resistance: 1.0ohm Recommend output wattage: 9-12.5W


Brand or name of E-liquid: 0mg Peach Blossom Lemonade by Lemon Twist and 3mg Honeydew Strawberry by Hi-Drip


Rate of VG and PG: Peach Blossom Lemonade 70/30 and Honeydew Strawberry 70/30



Device Model: Renova Zero


Output Mode, Temperature or Wattage?: VW


Wattage mode- How many watts you vape? 9-12.5W


Temp mode- At what degree(℃/℉) you vape? NA


How many seconds per puff: 2-3s


Specification of the charger: NA


Capacity of 18650 battery: NA; 650mAh and Ampere: NA


Your Living temperature: 75F


Firmware version: NA




Description of Testing process


I had this with me at work every day and I was very impressed with how portable it is. I am used to carrying full mods around and I could hardly tell the zero was even in my pocket most of the time. Batter life was surpriginly good and I never managed to drain the device in one day. In fact the battery life was so good that I vaped through about two pods before I charged it again and it still wasn’t dead. I typically ran it at the max 12.5W for the Peach Blossom and at 9W for the Honeydew Strawberry. I am not a big throat hit person so the lowered wattage on the Honeydew Strawberry was perfect. Filling the pods was easy and I found that my full size unicorn bottles worked perfectly. I did notice that holding the pod perfectly level while filling caused some minor spit back out of the fill port and that tilting the pod away from the port while I filled allowed the juice to flow away and air to exit out the port better. I continued to like the magnets that hold the pods in. I never once had a pod come out or loose iun my pocket or during vaping. The single button design was well designed and I find switching power mods to be easy and the LED indicator is great. I can always tell what the output is and what the battery level is quite easily. Charging was also easy and the LED once again was very easy to understand.


For the actual vaping I was shocked at how much flavor came from so little wattage. I typically vape at 60-100W so I am very surprised and happy with how much flavor the CCell coils make. I also usually target very wide airflow tanks for a purely DL vape so it took a bit for me to get used to the high restriction of the Zero. Once I got used to the restriction I found that I could manage a surprisingly large cloud and continued to be amazed at the flavor and smoothness. Ocassionally I do notice a slightly burnt flavor like the coil overheated a bit but I think it might be partly because I am not used to such a restrictive draw. CCell was such a good coil choice and I think it gives the Zero potential to even appeal to sub-ohm DL vapers like me. So, while the zero is not typically a device I would use I found a unique liking for it and I think it can easily become a travel and work vape for me.


I noticed that after several days of carrying the zero in my pocket and generally avoiding keeping it with my keys and other things in my pocket I still ended up with some of the coating coming off some visible scratches appearing. It isn’t anything major but they did show up after being pretty careful with it and only after having it for a few days.






Final conclusion



1. Excellent build quality
2. No leaks at all during daily usage
3. Secure pod mounts with good magnets
4. Super easy pod switching
5. Convinient fill mechanism
6. Ultra portable
7. Great battery life
8. Convinient charging
9. Surprisingly good flavor



1. Extremely restrictive draw (personal con)
2. Pod coils have decent life but with a recommended replacement after 5 fills it can be significantly more expensive than a normal replaceable coil tank.
3. One coil option


Other suggestion:

Without really changing a lot of how the device is meant to function I think having two coil options would be nice, maybe one that is less restrictive.




So, while this isn’t a device I would have been likely to purchase myself it surprised me and has shown me that I actually can enjoy a pod device far more than I would have expected.